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July 26, 2021, 2:04 am

Vietnam’s unswerving policy is to respect citizen rights

(16:06:43 PM 11/07/2014)
(Tinmoitruong.vn) - Foreign Ministry spokesperson Le Hai Binh has affirmed Vietnam’s consistent policy of respecting fundamental rights of Vietnamese citizens while responding to human rights criticism from US lawmakers.


At a Foreign Ministry regular press briefing on July 10, Binh said Vietnam’s important achievements in ensuring human rights have been internationally recognized through the country's election to the UN Human Rights Council for the 2014- 2016 term.

In the frank and constructive spirit based on mutual respect, Vietnam and the US have conducted a host of meetings, exchanges and dialogues aiming to increase understanding and narrow differences in human rights related issues.

Through their visits to Vietnam, US government officials and congressmen witnessed the achievements the country have recorded in all aspects, including those in human rights.

“The opinions from US legislators on human rights issues in Vietnam are based on misinformation on the enforcement of human rights in the country. This has run counter to bilateral efforts detrimental to the promotion of understanding and relations for mutual benefit," the official said.

Vietnam is taking fishermen protection measures

The Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs has directed the Vietnamese Embassy to China and other diplomatic agencies to take consular measures to protect citizens and verify issues related to this incident.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Le Hai Binh was speaking at a regular press briefing on the same day in reply to reporters’questions on China’s recent apprehension of six Vietnamese fishermen and their boat and what measures the Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs has taken to protect citizens.

According to the latest information from the Consulate General of Vietnam in Guangzhou, at 9 am on July 10, consulate general representatives visited the fishermen and implemented necessary citizen protection measures.

The fishermen’s health conditions are currently stable but their fishing boat QNg 94 912 TS is still being kept  in Chinese Hainan City's Sanya port.

"The Vietnamese Consulate General in Guangzhou as well as Vietnamese relevant agencies are still working closely with their Chinese counterparts to clearly verify this incident," Binh added.

source: VOV

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