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Buddha statue collapses in Thai Binh

(16:52:18 PM 09/07/2015)
(Tinmoitruong.vn) - A 45m-tall Buddha statue, which was being built at a Buddhist temple in To Xuyen Village in the northern Red Delta province of Thai Binh, suddenly collapsed late yesterday afternoon.


 Buddha statue collapses in Thai Binh


The 45m-tall Buddha statue before its collapse. — Photo apl.edu.vn

Nguyen Khac Than, chairman of Quynh Phu District where the Buddhist temple is located, confirmed the news to Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper early this morning. He said it was not clear why the statue suddenly collapsed.


He said the district authority had asked the concerned agencies to investigate the cause of the collapse.


Than also said the rumour that the statue had been built with state money was false.


He said the claim made by some people that the statue was the tallest in northern Viet Nam had not been confirmed yet.


Speaking about the funds used to build structures inside the Sac Thien Vuong temple over the last three years, Chairman Than said the money was donated by Buddhist followers and that the total amount was yet to be counted.


People have said hundreds of billions of dong have been spent on upgrading the temple.


They also said even though the upgrade work has been under way in the temple, thousands of Buddhist followers still thronged the site on every religious event or public holiday.