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Top ten events of health sector in 2014 announced

(16:03:11 PM 07/02/2015)
( - The Ministry of Health (MOH) announced on February 5 the top ten events of the sector in 2014 as follows:

 1. Hotline works effectively


In 2014, the MOH established and synchronised an automatic hotline switchboard 1900-9095, which is not only a channel receiving feedback from people but also a useful supervising tool helping leaders of hospitals to efficiently update and deal with issues relating to the quality of medical examinations and treatment.


The hotline received approximately 100,000 calls in the past year. Through people’s feedback, the minister of health took drastic action to address violation cases, resulting in over 6,800 officials reminded, 137 censured, six dismissed and four sacked.


2. Personnel stabilised at communal-level clinics

Top ten events of health sector in 2014 announced

A doctor of Ba Dien commune's health clinic in Ba To mountainous district is examining local people.

In 2014, the MOH consulted the government to issue Decree 117/2014/NĐ-CP stipulating communal level health. It was the first time after 20 years (1994-2014) that communal-level clinics were stabilised and officially became a part of the district-level health centres, with health officials being civil servants.


The provincial People’s Committees instructed the district and communal People’s Committees to pay attention to and invest in their respective town and communal-level clinics. The promulgation of the decree enhances local health officials’ trust in their jobs and provides them with opportunities to improve expertise levels, contributing to improving the quality of medical services for people.


3. Mitigating overloads at hospitals


With unceasing efforts for the welfare of patients, the health sector took drastic measures in 2014 to improve medical examination and treatment quality as well as alleviate overcrowding at hospitals, seeking to meet the demands of patients.


So far, 15 central-level hospitals have committed to terminating the bed sharing ordeal among inpatients. The waiting time for medical check-ups has been reduced 50 minutes per turn, saving 27 million workdays each year.


4. Successfully hosting the 12th ASEAN Health Ministers' Meeting

The 12th ASEAN Health Ministers' Meeting and related meetings concluded in high spirits on its debut in Vietnam. At the meeting, ASEAN’s health ministers passed the region’s health strategies and policies, discussed and dealt with the key health issues of the region, all with the aim of improving healthcare for people and international health integration.


5. NA passes amended Health Insurance Law


The National Assembly examined and passed amendments and supplements to the Law on Health Insurance in 2014, with many new breakthroughs promoting national health insurance coverage, including compulsory health insurance and health insurance in the form of households, among others.


6. Successful application of modern techniques

The health sector continued to master the technology to produce new vaccines, conducted successful multi-organ transplants and stem cell transplantation, and applied robots in surgeries, approaching the medical levels of advanced countries throughout the world.


7. Successful prevention of dangerous diseases and epidemics

In 2014, Vietnam’s health sector succeeded in preventing many deadly infectious diseases and pandemics in the world such as Ebola, A/H7N9 and MersCo-V, from penetrating into the country. Throughout the year, the MOH delivered the largest-scale measles-rubella vaccination campaign to date for 23 million children aged between 1 and 14 across the country.


8. Boosting administrative procedure reform


The MOH launched for the first time three online level 4 public services to help food production and trading companies in applying for certifications on meeting food safety regulations and conditions. The on-line level 4 registration service allows enterprises to perform administrative formalities, submit required forms, handle documents and payments and receive results using only a computer connected to the Internet, thus helping reduce costs and time and create transparency in implementing public services.


9. Sex ratio at birth declines


Vietnam recorded a decreasing sex ratio at birth in 2014, which was the first decline after eight consecutive years of increases since 2006. The ratio was cut by 1.6% from 113.8 boys per 100 girls in 2013 to 112.2 baby boys per 100 baby girls in 2014.


10. ‘Health sector accompanies fishermen to sea’ movement spreads

The movement ‘Health sector accompanies fishermen to sea’ was launched by the MOH in Quang Ngai province’s Ly Son island district and was implemented in May, 2014, with many practical activities including presenting medicine cabinets and equipping medical devices for off-shore fishing boats, as well as combining healthcare for fishermen with promoting sea and island economic development.


Nhan Dan

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