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June 24, 2021, 2:05 pm

JVN connects, breeds, grows up young talents

(09:19:08 AM 13/02/2014)
( - Here at the John Von Neumann (JVN) Institute belonging to the HCM City National University, Professor Duong Nguyen Vu and his fellow-workers have been making every effort to grow up Vietnamese young talents.

Professor Duong Trieu Vu and his students

JVN may surprise the people who visit it for the first time. There are a lot figures, formulas and words on the wall of classrooms and function rooms. Explaining this, Vu said the researchers, learners and lecturers need to write down all the ideas flashing through their minds, while the wall is the good place to store the ideas.


There are many other surprises here. There were some students in a classroom with overhead projectors and lecturers’ voice, but there was no lecturer on the lecture hall dais.


Vu said this was a class which trains masters in quantitative finance. The learners were then listening to the lecture by Professor Pham Hi Duc from the ECE Paris Graduate School of Engineering, who was giving lecture online from France.


“It is now 5 am in France. Professor Duc has been giving lecture for more than one hour,” Vu said. “Like many other successful professors overseas, Professor Duc has been willing to help train Vietnamese talents.”


JVN has successfully invited overseas Vietnamese scientists from all over the world to give lectures regularly. They include the Math Professor Dr. Vu Ha Van, from Yale University, Econometrics Professor Dr. Pham Xuan Huyen from Paris 7 University, and Professor Dr. Ho Tu Bao from the Japan Research Institute of Science and Technology.


Professor Duong Nguyen Vu was a student of the Le Hong Phong High School for the Gifted in HCM City. In 1997, he returned to Vietnam to work as a visiting lecturer at the Hanoi University of Technology.


In 2005, he became a permanent lecturer of the HCM City University of Technology and HCM City University of Natural Sciences.


However, Vu only decided to leave his main job as a senior advisor at Eurocontrol and return to settle in Vietnam in 2010, when the HCM City National University planned to set up JVN Center of Excellence.


“I was asked why I decided to return to Vietnam. I believe that there are so many interesting things in the life, and if I can work in a good environment with passion, I will not be poor,” Vu explained.


He decided to return to Vietnam also because of some other reasons. He realized the great potentials and the high competitiveness of Vietnamese students. Moreover, he wants to prove that if he can live and work in Vietnam, other overseas Vietnamese successful scientists will be able to return to Vietnam.


Vu, who asked 500 overseas Vietnamese students, lecturers and scientists what they expect when returning to Vietnam, found that they want favorable working conditions and job promotion opportunities. 60 percent of them said they would come back to Vietnam if they can receive $1,200 a month at least.


In order to offer the high pay to talents, the institute needs a finance self-control mechanism, which means that the institute will not get the support from the State.


Vu has to rack his brain to find the ways to earn money to be able to pay high to talents and attract qualified workers. He also has think about how to attract excellent postgraduates to study at the institute.


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