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June 15, 2021, 8:29 am

Danang falls short of HOTEL ROOMS for fireworks spectators

(11:40:24 AM 10/02/2015)
( - Travel agencies have found it difficult to BOOK HOTEL rooms in Danang City for their guests during the fireworks competition in April. They have complained that room tariffs have almost doubled.


 Danang falls short of HOTEL ROOMS for fireworks spectators

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Many travel firms started to book HOTEL ROOMS immediately after the Danang government announced its plan for the international fireworks contest this year but most of them could not find sufficient rooms for their guests to stay in Danang during the event.


The city has 475 HOTELS AND resorts, with a total of 16,000 rooms. The number includes 21 hotels of four- to five-star ratings and 50 three-star hotels plus multiple guesthouses. Of these, travel firms prefer three-star hotels as their services and prices are suitable for their guests.


However, many hotels have refused room reservations from travel companies. The director of a HCMC-based company said the firm needs about 100 rooms but many hotels including its close partners have declined to confirm the booking.


“We have successfully reserved only 20 rooms. Our company cannot ink deals with tourists when there are not enough rooms for them,” the director said.


Some 50.000 visitors are expected to travel to Danang during the international fireworks competition. Surging demand has led to room tariffs to surge in the central coastal city.


Tour operators bemoaned the tariffs of HOTEL ROOMS in Danang during the event have jumped around 100%. It costs only VND500,000-600,000 a room per night on normal days, but travel firms now have to pay VND1 million for the same room.


The Danang International Fireworks Contest will be organized from April 28-29 with the participation of teams from South Africa, the United States, Poland, Australia and host Danang.


During the competition, many other activities also take place in the city such as a cuisine festival, street decorations, flower parades, sport games, music and fashion shows.

The authorities of Danang will cooperate with Hoi An and Lang Co Town to find extra tens of THOUSANDS OF HOTEL ROOMS for tourists.    



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