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July 24, 2021, 6:59 pm

MOT vows to eliminate motorbikes that violate emission standards

(10:14:07 AM 05/06/2015)
( - A motorbike emission control plan that was drawn up many years ago has received the green light from the Ministry of Transport, which said the plan must not be delayed further.

 MOT vows to eliminate motorbikes that violate emission standards


Under the plan approved by the Prime Minister, in 2010-2013, Vietnam would control the emissions of 20 percent of motorbikes in circulation in the two largest cities of Hanoi and HCM City.

The plan also set up a target of establishing at least 100 emission inspection centers in Hanoi and 150 in HCM City, and training at least 500 officers for the centers. 

Later, in 2013-2015, Vietnam plans to control the emission quality of 80-90 percent of motorbikes in the two cities, while the inspection network would be expanded to inspect motorbike emissions in first- and second-class urban areas.

However, the plan to control 80-90 percent of motorbike emission in Hanoi and HCM City in 2013-2015 has failed completely. This has raised big worries among environmentalists, who repeatedly warn that air pollution has become alarming.

In the latest move, state management agencies have decided to speed up the vehicle emission control plan. From July 2017, motorbikes in circulation for five years and more in some cities will have to have their emission quality examined. Motorbikes which cannot satisfy emission standards will be prohibited from the roads.

A report showed that there are over 40 million motorbikes in circulation in Vietnam, of which 50 percent are old bikes without emission controls. The figure, in experts’ eyes, is alarmingly high.

However, it will be not easy to implement the emission control plan. Many people say it is unfeasible to require the owners of motorbikes operating more than five years to have emissions tested.

Analysts warned that implementation may face protests from poor families, saying that motorbike owners now have to bear road tolls and environmental protection fees, and that it would be a burden on families if they also have to pay emission inspection fees.

Meanwhile, engineers pointed out that it is unreasonable to request to have all the vehicles over 5 years old to have emissions tested, because the quality of old vehicles depends on how their owners use them and on the emission technology that manufacturers use.

However, the Vietnam Register has said that despite anticipated difficulties, Vietnam still needs to go ahead with a motorbike emission control plan.

Regarding the staff for inspection, in the immediate time, 500 authorized dealers of five motorbike manufacturers in five large cities would participate in motorbike inspections. 

The registration agency believes that the inspection fee, estimated at VND100,000-200,000, is reasonable and will not burden motorbike owners.


Thien Nhien

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