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The top destinations in Phu Yen

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( - Admiring sunrise on the Dai Lanh cape, swimming in the vast beach or catching snails at Ghenh Da Dia are amazing experience in the land of Phu Yen.



Dawn at Dai Lanh cape


Welcoming a new day on the Dai Lanh cape makes you surprised by the serene beauty with the first sunlight rays of the new day. Walking on the trail to the lighthouse, you can see the vast blue sea, ships running slowly, rock mountains in odd shapes and hear the sound of ocean waves.


Unspoiled Bai Mon Beach

Going through the green pine forest, Bai Mon beach appears with a pristine beauty. More interestingly, there is a fresh-water stream to the west of the beach, which is hidden behind leaf canopies of the Bac Deo Ca virgin forest. The stream runs across the beach and flows into the sea.


Coming to Bai Mon, visitors can not only swim but also purchase fresh seafood from fishing boats.


Spectacular Phun Abyss


Phun Abyss is surrounded by the Black Rock Mountains, amid the vast forests, forming a dreamlike landscape. The waters of the Ca stream flows down into the abyss, creating a white waterfall. Here, visitors will enjoy romantic and charming scenery of forests, mountains and a waterfall.


Romantic Vung Ro


Vung Ro is surrounded by Ca Pass, Da Bia Mountain and Hon Ba Islet. It used to serve as an important port on the Ho Chi Minh trail at sea. Vung Ro has 12 small beaches, with unique characteristics.


Visitors can also rent boats of fishermen to explore the sea or conquer the Da Bia Mountain which always sinks in white frost. You will be far from urban noise to mingle with quiet sky and sea, with simple fishermen to relieve stress and chaos of life.


O Loan Lagoon


The lagoon, which is situated at the foot of Quan Cau Pass near National Highway 1A in Tuy An District, is the shape of a swan when viewed from a plane passing overhead. The 1,200ha wide lagoon with an average depth of 1.2m to 1.4m is surrounded by rolling hills, and linked to the Cai River. A small creek also links the lagoon and the sea.


Golden sand dunes and casuarina forests also line the banks of the lagoon, providing shelter for pelicans, storks and ducks.


One of the most enjoyable things to do at O Loan is to jump into a boat to cruise the lagoon. Local boatmen will take you out across the calm waters, and you may even be surprised to see fish jumping out of the water.


O Loan lagoon is also famous for culinary specialties such as red oysters, cuttle-fish, jelly fish and a type of red algae that is used in food.


Ghenh Da Dia

Ghenh Da Dia in Tuy An District, Phu Yen Province is categorized as one of the natural wonders of Central Vietnam, as the rocky plate reef 50 meters wide and over 200 meters long is constituted by thousands of basalt columns. The reef was recognized as a national heritage site in 1998.


Ghenh Da Dia is a must-visit destination for tourists, as in addition to looking like a giant beehive arising from the turquoise waters; the area is also beautified by clean beaches and various fishing boats bobbing on the sea.


Ghenh Da Dia can be reached by driving or riding more than 30 kilometers from Tuy Hoa Town along National Highway 1 to Tuy An District. From there, you travel another ten more kilometers past paddy fields before you arrive at the reef.

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