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Soldiers who still 'fight' in peace-time Tin ảnh

(09:00:30 AM 16/08/2014)
( - The Center for Nursing War Invalids in Kim Bang district of Ha Nam province is the home of 110 veterans who had brain injuries that have caused mental illnesses.

Since its establishment in 1976, the center has taken care of more than 500 seriously wounded soldiers.


The Center is divided into three faculties. Faculty 3 is for the veterans who are in stable condition and can sometimes return home with their families. Faculty 2 takes care of relatives of the people who devoted themselves to the country during the wartime and Faculty 1 treats seriously wounded soldiers who suffer from brain injuries or severe dementia, or who cannot restrain themselves and could flee at any time.
Over 60 officers, including 11 doctors and 21 nurses, take care of and treat over 100 veterans.
They have to take medication twice a day, once before lunch and the other at 4pm. Each person has a special prescription but the medicines can only help relieve their pain, not fully cure them.
Of the 40 people in Faculty 3, medicines can work as analgesic for veterans. Obsessed by the war and tortured by physical pain, some veterans cannot eat for days, just scream; others are naked to practice meditation on the bed; others suddenly salute the flag and sing the national anthem... They need assistance from nurses and orderlies.
Veterans at the dining room.
Mr. Quan Van Minh, 60, from Ha Nam province, has been living in the center for 36 years. He was paralyzed in both legs so he has to move with a wheelchair. But now his hands are weakened so he cannot use them anymore. Mrs. Dinh Thi Thuy has taken care of her husband in his room in the center for over three years. Minh earns social welfare of over VND4 million ($200), free periodical medical check-ups and free medicines.
 Mr. Nguyen Xuan Tai, 64, is a special case. Due to brain injuries, he lost his memory. He does not have any relatives. His only friend is his roommate Mr. Vu Duc Luyen.
Mr. Truong Cong Thanh, 62, from Hai Phong still remembers that his head was hit by a M79 shrapnel piece in Buon Me Thuot. But sometimes he loses control and endangers himself.
Every day the wounded soldiers in the center watch television, listen to the radio, and read newspapers under the instruction of nurses and orderlies.
The living room is also a physical therapy room, where veterans do exercises under the guidance of doctors.
After years of treatment, many veterans with mental illnesses have got used to the life there, their second home.
Many wounded soldiers have had partially restored memory and perception. Some people can even read books and help their roommates in daily life activities.
Of 110 veterans, more than 35% have no children or are divorced because of severe illnesses. The rest have families but their relatives only visit them during holidays.
Many veterans wish to live here for the rest of their life because they are unable to return to a normal life.
Kien Thuc

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