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Vietnam’s greatest technology achievements in 2014

(11:04:14 AM 05/01/2015)
( - Achievements in building material technology, healthcare and agriculture were the best in the technology field in 2014.

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Vietnam produces submarines


Vietnam has mastered the process of designing, manufacturing, assembling, operating and testing small-size submarines.


On September 21, the Hoa Binh sub was put to a test at Cam Ranh Bay at the depth of 15 meters in good weather with a slight wind, and fourth-level wave. The crew included Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Quan.


Making nonflammable building materials from red sledge


Scientists have completed a technology to make steel and nonflammable building materials from red sludge collected during alumina production in the Central Highlands.


The initial achievements made by the scientists headed by Dr. Vu Duc Loi have been hailed as a “breakthrough” in Vietnam’s revolution in making green building materials that help protect the environment.


Success in making Rotavin-M1 vaccine


Vietnam has successfully made Rotavin-M1, a vaccine against diarrhea and put it into use on a trial basis.


Vietnam is the second country in Asia and the fourth in the world succeeding in making the vaccine.


The testing showed that the vaccine is safe for children and adults and has high quality equivalent to Rotarix, a Belgium vaccine available in Vietnam.


The vaccine can help prevent diarrhea and dangerous complications for most children under five years old. Meanwhile, it is economical with the price just equal to 1/3 of the imported product.


Vietnam receives IAEA awards


Vietnam won three out of 23 awards presented by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for its achievements in releasing mutant plant varieties and contributions to increased food security and sustainable development.


The outstanding achievement award was granted to the Vietnam Agricultural Genetics Institute, which worked with IAEA and domestic research institutions to create a number of flood-proof and high-yield rice varieties since the 1980s.



Vietnamese scientists succeed in treating cancer with stem cell technology


The Hue Central Hospital in mid 2014 organized a ceremony to congratulate a cancer patient who has been successfully treated with the progenitor hematopoietic stem cell therapy.


The patient was Le Thi Sau, 52, who was suffering ovarian cancer in the last stage.


Three Vietnamese scientists honored by Thomson Reuters

Three Vietnamese scientists – Dam Thanh Son, Nguyen Son Binh and Nguyen Xuan Hung – have been listed in the World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds 2014 by Thomson Reuters.


Dam Thanh Son teaches physics at the University of Chicago. Nguyen Son Binh is a member of the chemistry faculty at Northwestern University, while Nguyen Xuan Hung is a professor at the HCM City University of Natural Sciences.

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  University student makes bricks from scrap paper

University student makes bricks from scrap paper

( - Nguyen Cao Hoang Sang, a student at HCM City Architect University, has created green building materials from scrap paper after seven months of research.

  Vietnamese farmers make solar-powered boat

Vietnamese farmers make solar-powered boat

( - Farmers in the Mekong River Delta have invented boats that can run smoothly with no noise or pollution to the environment, and are especially suitable to serve ecotourism.

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  BAKV officially launches its high-end smartphone

BAKV officially launches its high-end smartphone

( - BKAV – Vietnam’s leading network security firm – launched its first smartphone Bphone on May 26, after many advertising campaigns.

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