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September 21, 2020, 12:47 pm

Ship model test basin left idle

(14:54:14 PM 10/01/2015)
( - The Maritime University has landed itself in an embarrassing situation as it has to receive a ship model test basin from the Ministry of Transport.


 Ship model test basin left idle


The test basin, once expected to be the largest in Asia, and one of the most expensive technology projects in Vietnam with investment capital of VND1.5 trillion, was initially invested in by Vinashin, the national flag shipbuilder.


The project was expected to play a very important role in the development of  shipbuilding, which Vietnam planned to develop into a key industry.


It was designed to comprise towing tanks with a speed of up to 10 meters per second, an outdoor model testing basin, one hydrodynamic cavitation tunnel, and one aerodynamic cavitation tunnel.


There would also be an experimental model creation workshop, floating works and oil rigs, and coastal industrial works.


However, as Vinashin is now undergoing a restructuring process to escape its difficulties, the project has been handed over to Maritime University.


It is still unclear how the university will use the test basin. Scientists say the university does not know how to use it and it will end up doing nothing with it.


Vietnamese research institutions and businesses have often been described as “stingy” because they are hesitant to spend money on modern equipment to serve modern scientific research.


However, Vinashin was considered an “exception”, because it was always lavish with its money. Vinashin once tried to build a 100m x 15m basin in the Dinh Cong area with modern simulation equipment, and it spent money on pattern-creating machines.


However, Hoang Hung, secretary of the Vietnam Shipbuilding Science Association, said that Vinashin could never get the best out of the equipment and machines.


Hung, though affirming that the model test basin is necessary for the development of Vietnam’s shipbuilding industry, said that Vinashin has wasted money on the project.


The shipbuilder, to fulfill its dream of building a modern basin in Hoa Lac hi-tech park, borrowed $750 million from Poland to import 130 container of equipment, and then it was left idle.


What will happen with the project when it is taken over by Maritime University?


An analyst warned there would be two problems faced by the university. First, it would have to seek capital to continue the project, and, second, it does not have qualified scientists to run the model test basin.


“What the Maritime University has are lecturers, who tell students that it is necessary to test ship models in test basins, but they don’t know how to test,” he said.


He noted that it was not important how much money is spent, but rather how the money is spent to develop scientific research.


Dat Viet

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