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January 31, 2023, 4:17 pm

Viet Nam plans to compile, use pool of experts by 2016

(16:29:12 PM 04/07/2014)
( - A pool of at least 1000 experts in different fields that can be tapped for consultative and analytical services for various projects will be developed by 2016, it was reported at a recent workshop.

An expert shows a staff of the Viet Nam National Textile Group's research institute how to analyse textile products with an electron microscope in Ha Noi.


The workshop, organised by the Viet Nam Union of Science and Technology Associations, heard that the pool will provide top-notch experts to help with the work of both State and non-State organisations in any field.

The plan to develop an experts' pool was initiated by NGO-IC (Non-Governmental Ogranisations – Information Centre) last year. So far, more than 20 organisations have registered 116 experts for the pool, the centre said.

From this month until June next year –the second phase of the project – the centre plans to update the profiles of about 500 experts and help introduce them to 30 organisations. It also hopes to mobilise the participation of Vietnamese intellectuals overseas.

By June 2016, after the third phase, it is expected that the pool will have 1,000 experts and have linked to 50 organisations.

Dr Han Manh Tien, chairman of the Viet Nam Association of Corporate Directors, said developing a pool of highly qualified experts is not easy, but it is even more difficult to take full advantage of the pool.

He suggested NGO-IC extend its connections with various associations to reach out to experts in various fields, pay special attention to younger experts with at least five years' experience, and collect feedback from the users in each project that involves experts from the pool.

Dr Tran Tuan, director of the Research and Training Centre for Community Development, said the experts' pool should be market-driven to satisfy the demand of organisations, like the transfer of football players.

He said highly competent experts with considerable contributions to the society would be invited by a lot of organisations and be paid high wages.

The Viet Nam Union of Science and Technology Associations should be a good co-ordinator to ensure that the pool works effectively, Tuan said.

Le Minh Hong, director of the Scientific Research Centre under the National Assembly Standing Committee, said the pool must gather together both domestic and overseas scientists and become a valuable network that helps the National Assembly in policymaking, supervision and dealing with other important issues.

This initiative is expected to help channel the expertise of Vietnamese intellectuals for the cause of national development.

Source: VNS

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