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September 24, 2020, 6:21 pm

BellaDati - Cloud/On-premise analytics with a human touch Tin ảnh

(15:22:47 PM 25/07/2013)
( - BellaDati, originally launched in Santa Clara DEMO FALL 2012, has been a part of the DEMO Global Launch Program, and now comes to Vietnam for the very first time to introduce its agile analytics to local market.



Imagine having to sit through a 1-hour presentation where there is nothing but raw data, pie charts and statistical numbers on the Powerpoint slides – no matter how good the speakers are or how interesting the topics can be, at some point during those 60 minutes, you probably need a second cup of coffee.  Most of the time, people don’t know how to convey the true meanings of data and numbers, as graphs and charts alone can easily lose the audience’s attention. But then there is BellaDati, a company that turns sales, revenues, and financial data into beautiful reports and eye-catching dashboards.


A Singapore company with roots in Europe (Prague, Czech Republic) and US Office in Chicago, BellaDati acknowledged the fact that business data lacks the attractive and sexy nature, making data analyst become one of the few jobs that people tend to shy away from. Thus, the company wanted to change that.


At the beginning, Martin Trgina, CEO of BellaDati in Prague, and his team developed BellaDati into an online warehouse that connects to the database of powerful services like Oracle, and Facebook. Then, the product gradually evolved into application and platform related to enterprise analytics software delivered in the Cloud (AWS) or as On-Premise. It is purely web-based solution composed of data-warehousing, reporting, dashboarding and collaboration layer. BellaDati has predefined connectors to more than 100 databases, social networks, cloud solutions, web-services, unstructured and Big Data sources. Other products include native iOS and Android applications and BellaApps, the industry-related reporting templates. Company also offers analytical and professional services.


This year at DEMO ASEAN 2013 (, BellaDati will introduce itself to the growing IT markets of Vietnam and South East Asia. By pitching at the DEMO Conference and displaying its cutting-edge product at the 3-day DEMO Pavilion, BellaDati will make sure that hundreds of investors and thousands of attendees can experience first-hand the excellence of the company’s innovation.  



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