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January 19, 2022, 3:11 pm

Besra forced to dispose imports of fake cyanide

(16:26:16 PM 29/11/2014)
( - Besra will have to dispose of the fake cyanide it imported from China within a definite time, says Le Phuoc Thanh, chair of Quang Nam province, head of the Quang Nam provincial National Assembly’s Deputies.

Besra forced to dispose imports of fake cyanide

“We will set a deadline for Besra to clear the imported cyanide. The chemicals must be settled as soon as possible and they must not be existing for too long, or they will cause immeasurable consequences,” Thanh told the press on November 25.

Phuoc Son and Bong Mieu Gold Companies, both are run by the Canadian Besra Group, were found importing 60 tons of fake cyanide from China.

They said cyanide is a chemical needed for gold mining and processing. Only after putting the imports into use did they realize that it was a counterfeit product.

However, it is unclear who much of the imported consignment was fake cyanide.

Thanh said that he has told relevant agencies to investigate and find solutions to the problem. The local industry and trade department has been told to investigate how the imports got to Vietnam, while environment department has been asked to identify the chemical.

Thanh, though saying that it is necessary to clear the imports as soon as possible, admitted that it will take time to find out what the chemicals are. And in order to answer the question, it will be necessary to carry out a lot of experiments.

When asked why the consignment of fake cyanide was only discovered in 2014, though it came to Vietnam in 2011, Thanh said the companies kept the imports in their storehouses, and no one knew about the existence of the chemicals.

The two companies reportedly were going to dispose of the imported chemicals in the earth. However, Thanh said his will not be accepted.

“The settlement with the chemicals must be done in accordance with current regulations, while it must not be dealt with perfunctorily,” he said.

“I have told the relevant agencies to do all what they can to find out what the chemicals are. If they cannot do this, they’ll need to ask for help from central agencies,” he said, adding that the problem must be settled to the every root.

Tran Thi Quoc Khanh, permanent member of the National Assembly’s Science & Technology Committee, said involved parties must follow the Environment Protection Law when dealing with imported chemicals.

Khanh said the two gold companies must not bury the chemicals until it is still clear what the chemicals are.

According to Nguyen Van Hoan from the Vietnam Science & Technology Academy, cyanide is a very toxic chemical, a small amount of which can kill a 700-800 kilo horse. Therefore, in most cases, buyers do not test the chemicals when getting deliveries.

According to the Quang Nam provincial relevant agencies, the 60 tons of fake cyanide are being kept in container vehicles. Hoan warned it is very dangerous to keep the chemicals this way, because they would become moist under the sun.

Source: Dat Viet

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