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September 25, 2021, 12:52 am

HCM City to close part of multi-million dollar waste treatment plant

(11:55:36 AM 20/06/2014)
( - The city authorities will close part of the $48.8 million Phuoc Hiep solid waste treatment complex in Cu Chi District because of pollution.

The landfill No. 3 at the Phuoc Hiep solid waste treatment complex will be closed.


The installation of waste treatment facilities for landfill No. 3 of Phuoc Hiep complex is nearly completed and the landfill has been operating for eight months, but the HCM City government still wants to close it to prevent pollution after local residents lodged many complaints about the landfill.


Locals said that after rains, the awful smell from the landfill covers an area within a radius of 2-3km. Not only air, the water resources also are  seriously polluted, and all local canals have turned black.


According to the city’s surveys in 2013, the surface water of the areas around the Phuoc Hiep complex are  contaminated with organic nutrients, iron and microorganisms at high levels.


At the people’s request, in July 2013 HCM City leaders paid a field trip to this complex. After that the city’s Vice Chair Nguyen Huu Tin directed to gradually shut down a number of projects in this solid waste treatment complex, including landfill No. 3. The amount of daily waste will be transferred to the Da Phuoc Waste Treatment Complex in Binh Chanh District. However, the closure of this new landfill is facing difficulties.


The landfill number 3 project was invested in by the HCM City Urban Environment Company (CITENCO) with more than VND976 billion ($48.8 million), with a daily capacity of burying 2,000 tons of waste.


The project is carried out according to the guidelines of the city government, and aims to receive and treat garbage over nine years.


So far, the investor has poured more than VND604 billion ($30 million) in the project. This landfill has also operated since last October, processing 550,000 tons of garbage a day. It is managed by CITENCO, employing 300 workers.


According to the investor, if the landfill is closed, 300 workers will become jobless. It is very hard for these people to find a new job because the job has been handed down through generations in their families.


The closure will also affect the income of 1,500 officials and employees of CITENCO and two other companies which have invested VND150 billion ($7 million) to purchase specialized equipment to serve the landfill operations. In addition, the city authorities will have to pay compensation of over VND685 billion ($30 million).


If the project continues, the city will have to pay an additional VND850 billion (over $40 million) and over VND20 billion ($1 million) each year for renovation and maintenance.


The Department of Natural Resources and Environment of HCM City says that 3,000 tons of rubbish were transported to the Da Phuoc landfill, which caused traffic jams from Highway 50 to the landfill. If the landfill No. 3 is closed, an additional 2,000 tons of waste will be carried to Da Phuoc and congestion will get worse.


Despite many obstacles, HCM City Vice Chair Nguyen Huu Tin has confirmed that the city is determined to close landfill No. 3.

Mai Trang

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