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T.H.Group - Safety Hygiene Environment Manager

(11:04:25 AM 12/04/2013)
( - T.H.Group is established in the financial consultancy service of BAC A Commercial Joint Stock Bank (North Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank). Beside the business in financial services and activities about social security, Bac A has paid special investment in dairy and foodstuff industry.


Job description


1.To make safety action work plans these have:

• Safety and healthy policies and procedures to be well implemented within the dairy farm


• Definition of the task


• Hazard and risk analysis


• Establishment of controls


• Work performance


• Feedback and improvement

2.To assess specific safety hazards and actions means:


• Identify the hazards before work is performed and to establish authorization for performing work safely

3.To control or eliminate fatalities and injuries at workplace:


• Safety control before work is done


• Ensures that the staff possesses proficiency and knowledge commensurate with conducting their assigned work safely


• Documentations of inspections of the maintenance and performance of all equipments and services used in the farm


• Signage and postings on the dairy walls and fences are useful

4.To control Environment and Healthy issues



Job Requirements


Education background: Bachelor (or higher) – major in Labour Protection, Environment or other related fields


•Knowledge of the professional practices and procedures used in the various types of farming


•Considerable knowledge of employee policies and procedures.


•Understanding clearly about animal, especial cows, herds, heifer…


•Must have knowledge in safety works and procedure within and out of the farm;


•At least 2-4 years experience in the production , processing or inspections of milk or milk products


•Must possess a strong personality to manage human resources for the safe production.


•Excellent communication and negotiation skills


•English is prefer


•Good problem solving, mathematics and managerial skill


•Ability in strategic thinking and coordination


•Work in team/ group, work individual                    


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