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Siemens Green Technology Journalism Award 2013

(15:17:55 PM 15/04/2013)
( - The Siemens Green Technology Journalism Award identifies, recognizes and rewards professional journalists reporting on Green Technology, Sustainability and Environmental issues in the ASEAN region and Australia & New Zealand. This is the second edition of the Award that premiered in 2010.

Siemens Green Technology Journalism Award 2013


In addition, the competition aims to advance quality reporting on these topics, and to educate and empower the communities in the ASEAN countries, Australia and New Zealand with more knowledge on these issues.

Siemens hopes that with more knowledge, people in these regions will be able to understand better the profound effects of the megatrends that are affecting our world today – urbanization, globalization, climate change and demographic change – and how they can do their part to support a more sustainable world.


Category A


Siemens Green Technology Journalist Australia & New Zealand Award 2013
Siemens Green Technology Journalist Indonesia Award 2013
Siemens Green Technology Journalist Malaysia Award 2013
Siemens Green Technology Journalist Philippines Award 2013
Siemens Green Technology Journalist Singapore Award 2013
Siemens Green Technology Journalist Thailand Award 2013
Siemens Green Technology Journalist Vietnam Award 2013


Each participant must submit 3 articles, focused on how the application of green technology is providing answers to the challenges of megatrends like climate change, demographic change, globalization and urbanization, in the country where he/she resides.

Articles should contain topics of green technology applications in any of the following areas:

  • Vertical IT & Software - Industrial automation; smart grid; transport; logistics; building automation; traffic management; healthare IT; etc.

  • Future of energy - Clean power generation and cost-efficient integration of renewable energy; power transmission and storage; smart grid and intelligent distribution; efficient consumption; the future of oil and gas; etc.

  • Sustainable city infrastructure - Integrated transport solutions; efficient transport; green building solutions; electromobility; etc.


Category B


Siemens ASEAN-Pacific Green Technology Journalist Award 2013

All 7 winners from Category A will be considered for this Award




  • The competition is open to professional journalists who write for print and online media in the ASEAN region, Australia & New Zealand.

  • Articles must be published in mainstream media: newspapers, magazines, or widely recognized news portals. Blogs are excluded.

  • Articles must have been published in the media within the competition period of January 1, 2012 to June 15, 2013; in the country of submission.

  • Articles must carry the journalists' bylines.

  • The journalist must be a citizen of the country of submission, or have lived and worked in that country for at least 1 calendar year, before the submission deadline of June 30, 2013.

  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If plagiarism is noted in subsequent publications, winners will be stripped of the award.



  • Articles can be written in English or the official languages of the country of submission. Participants who submit non-English articles are strongly encouraged to include an English translation of the articles.

  • Category B will be assessed in English by a regional jury. Winning articles from Category A that are not written in English nor accompanied by English translation will be translated by the organizer for the regional jury's consideration. However, the entrants will not be able to review the translated copy.



  • The deadline for submission is June 30, 2013.

  • Winners will be announced in September 2013.


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