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RSB’s Annual Assembly of Delegates Meeting takes place in Hanoi, Vietnam

(16:37:05 PM 09/11/2016)
( - For the first time, the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) is holding its Annual Assembly of Delegates meeting in Asia. The meeting will be held in Hanoi on November 8 and 9.

 RSB’s Annual Assembly of Delegates Meeting takes place in Hanoi, Vietnam

The meeting allows RSB’s diverse membership to come together to discuss and review the organization’s progress and plan for the future, and to provide insights and expertise in to the further development of RSB tools, services and standards. The meeting also provides excellent opportunities for networking and for meeting other members from around the world.
The November 8 meeting for members will include a stimulating and exciting discussion around the future role of RSB as society stands on the cusp of an industrial revolution, and the bioeconomy is poised to fundamentally challenge our relationship with fossil fuels.
On November 9, RSB is co-hosting an Aviation and Sustainability workshop, with WWF. The aviation workshop promises a deeper look into some of the sustainability initiatives and opportunities for airlines. Focusing on identifying the low-hanging fruits for sustainable aviation and the feasibility of sustainable biofuels for aviation, WWF will lead a discussion on the ways in which aviation can reduce its global footprint.
“With the recent signing of the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s multilateral agreement on reducing carbon emissions from aviation, the time is right for the aviation industry to embrace and deepen real sustainability in the value chain and in all market-based measures,” said James Reeler of WWF. “WWF looks forward to working with airlines to increase their ambition and play a stronger role in protecting our natural heritage. We encourage other countries like South Africa and Vietnam quickly join in the join the early phase of the ICAO market-based measures”
“It is fantastic to see the enthusiasm and dedication of RSB members and partners for a global sustainability solution that ensures respect for food security, the environment and social justice in biofuel and biomaterial production,” said Rolf Hogan. “We are looking forward to some exciting announcements and developments at the Hanoi meeting and further progress on offering sustainability solutions globally.”

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  HCM City invests $1.14 billion in flood prevention

HCM City invests $1.14 billion in flood prevention

( - In the past 10 years, HCM City has invested about VND24.3 trillion (more than $1.14 billion) in flood prevention projects. However, just 1.2% of the total workload of these plans have been completed so their effectiveness is beyond expectation.

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