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January 31, 2023, 5:03 pm

Truong Sa submarine to undergo tests in Rammasun typhoon

(20:35:38 PM 17/07/2014)
( - Nguyen Quoc Hoa, the creator of the Truong Sa submarine, has decided to test the sub during the ongoing Rammasun storm, which is believed to be one of the strongest in history, in order to examine its rescue capabilities under extreme weather conditions. However, some experts believe he is making a mistake.


In May, Hoa said the submarine was ready for a test. The Rammasun typhoon is expected to hit northern provinces of Quang Ninh and Hai Phong on July 19.


“I will go the sea to test the sub when the hurricane rushes in,” Hoa said.


Explaining his decision, Hoa said one of his purposes in designing the sub was to make it capable of joining rescue activities under extreme weather conditions.


“I have worked on many hypothetical situations which I think may happen with the sub and I have drawn up rescue plans in case of emergency. The equipment for maintaining contact between the sub and the mainland is also ready,” he said. “The sub is now in the most perfect condition to operate in a storm”.


Hoa reassured the public that submarines do not sink when their flap-doors are closed, and they can float on water. When the subs dive underwater, they are uninfluenced by wind or storm, because in principle, strong winds can only have influences above water.


“So, I have no worries when testing the sub in the storm,” he said, adding that he is confident about putting the sub in the most severe weather conditions.


However, scientists have advised Hoa against testing Truong Sa sub in the storm.


Phan Boi Tran, the creator of the Yet Kieu submarine, said Hoa should not take risks by going to the open sea on stormy days.


“It’d be better to test the sub’s diving capability in the conditions of normal weather first, and only when everything is okay should he think of testing the sub in bad weather,” Tran said.


“Vietnam every year receives more than 10 typhoons, which means there will be many more opportunities for Hoa to test his sub. So there is no need to be hasty,” he added.


Tran also warned about the problems Truong Sa may meet when going to the open sea in stormy weather.


He agreed that submarines will not be affected by wind and storm when they are underwater. However, he said this is true only when subs are 20-30 meters underwater. He said he did not know whether Truong Sa sub can dive to such a depth.


After the first sea test of the Truong Sa sub failed due to technical problems, Hoa said he had gathered all strength to improve the features of the sub, including the capability of the steering, the movement above and underwater, and the operation of the AIP system (Air-independent propulsion).

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