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Farmer invents garbage treatment machine

(19:49:23 PM 04/11/2014)
( - A waste treatment machine invented by Ngo Thai Nguyen, a farmer in Thanh Hoa Province, can sort garbage and use the treated waste for farming.

Farmer invents garbage treatment machine
Nguyen created the simple machine for farmers in rural areas.

Garbage of different kinds is put into a tank, where disposed items are stirred in water. The lighter items like paper or plastic bags, fabric or packs come to the surface and are taken out of the tank through a conveyor.

Meanwhile, heavy inorganic waste such as soil, sand gravel, cement, iron and steel sink to the bottom of the tank, and organic waste such as fruits, flowers and vegetables are carried to biogas tanks, where they are treated to create energy for household use.

Rough waste is transferred to a bin, where it is cut and ground into small pieces. After that, they decompose and are used as biological fertilizer.

Nguyen said a part of the treated garbage can be used to make bricks. Mixing the treated waste with cement creates bricks that can satisfy standards for his construction works.

With the machine, domestic waste is either recycled for re-use, or processed into products useful in agricultural production and daily life.

It also helps ease environmental pollution. Many people now try to treat their domestic garbage by burning but this is not a good solution because it produces thick smoke.

Operated with three-phase electricity, the machine can treat 8-9 cubic meters of garbage within six to eight hours. Meanwhile, the initial cost for the machine is “very reasonable” – VND72 million.

It is completely within reach to increase the treatment capacity by three times if parts and accessories are upgraded or replaced. In this case, the machine’s production cost would be VND250-300 million.

Nguyen’s garbage treatment machine has been praised by scientists and investors.

Duy Anh from Binh Dinh province was the first client of Nguyen. The investor ordered machines with a capacity of 35 cubic meters per seven hours. The investment is about VND270 million. Several other investors have also placed orders.

Nguyen said that he was working with partners on technology transfer and discussing necessary steps to build a factory specializing in making waste treatment machines.

The waste treatment machine of Ngo Thai Nguyen won first prize at the 2013-2014 Farmers Technical Innovation Contest.

Source: VietNamNet Bridge

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