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Viber closes Vietnam representative office

(15:14:21 PM 11/07/2015)
(Tinmoitruong.vn) - The representative office of Viber in Vietnam will be closed to move to new headquarters in the Philippines.

 Viber closes Vietnam representative office

It is reported that Viber will change its operating strategy in Southeast Asia by establishing one headquarters for entire Southeast Asia, based in the Philippines.


Once the new office is established, the representative office in Vietnam will no longer operate. However, "Viber users in Vietnam will still use the application as normal and Viber will have the more attractive updated version," said a Viber Vietnam representative.


Officially available in Vietnam since the beginning of 2014, Viber has attracted about 23 million users. If statistics are correct, this is a very impressive figure, which will help Viber Vietnam overcome many international competitors like LINE, BeeTalk, Kakao Talk ... and become a "giant" in the domestic OTT market.


Ms. Nguyen Dang Quynh Anh, director of the Viber Vietnam representative office, said: "As of early 2015, Viber owned nearly 60% market share in Vietnam. Viber membership statistics is based on real activities, rather than the number of registered accounts.”


"We've completed the mission of setting a solid foundation for Viber in the Vietnam OTT market. And the OTT application itself is a multinational connecting platform, not just for each country.


“Therefore, the successful completion of mission of Viber Vietnam will open an important step, to bring the community of Viber users in Vietnam into the international community of users and to expand the "voice" and position of the community of Vietnamese user. "


The new headquarters in the Philippines will be responsible for marketing activities of Viber in Southeast Asian countries including Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar.


The new headquarters is scheduled to open in August.


Nam Hai