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Water shortage continues in central VN as water supply plants shut down

(20:54:07 PM 18/06/2015)
(Tinmoitruong.vn) - People in the central region are experiencing tough days because of the severe drought of several months. Meanwhile, many water supply plants have been left idle.


 Water shortage continues in central VN as water supply plants shut down


The central province of Ha Tinh has 49 clean-water plants, but 10 of them are not operational. Some plants have never been put into operation. Local residents have to use unsafe water taken from lakes and ponds and save every drop of water though they live next to water supply plants. 

The water supply plant in Duc Dung Commune of Duc Tho District has become the place for dozens of cows and buffaloes to hide from the scorching sun and the temperature of 40oC. 

Built as a clean water supply work with the investment capital of VND1 billion funded by UNDP and DFID, the work cannot produce clean water.

The construction of the plant started in 2008 and was completed just one year later

However, after local people paid money to install the water pipes to their houses, the plant was shut down.

Nguyen Thi Minh, Chair of Duc Dung Commune People’s Committee, admitted the plant was shut down just two days of operation. 

In 2013, a group of officials came to the locality to examine the plant and came to a conclusion that the system could not work. Therefore, the provincial authorities decided to put it into liquidation.

According to Minh, the plant could not operate because of too many technical errors. Also, the input water did not meet the requirements for the filtration.

Built with VND7 billion, construction on the water plant in Duc Lang Commune of Duc Tho District was completed in 2010.

According to Le Van Hiep, chair of Duc Lang Commune, the plant did not work because of the unsuitable input water, which caused the machine to break down and damaged the pipeline in the past.

Since the day the Ngan Truoi – Cam Trang and Dong Van Bridge were built, the water current has become weaker, which does not allow the plant to operate.

Doan Van Khang from the Ha Tinh provincial Center for Clean Water and Environmental Sanitation admitted that many water supply plants are dead or run ineffectively.

Ten plants were put into liquidation in 2013 after agencies found they could not operate properly and the problems could not be fixed. More recently, one plant in Cam Xuyen district and one in Huong Khe district were dissolved, while 10 more plants work ineffectively.