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Hanoi decrees waste sorting at source

(14:03:19 PM 13/05/2015)
(Tinmoitruong.vn) - From June 15, individuals and organisations will be required to sort waste at the source before it is collected.

 Hanoi decrees waste sorting at source

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A Prime Ministerial Decree to this effect aims at strengthening reuse and recycling of wast.


Households will have to separate solid waste into biodegradable waste such as leftovers, recyclable materials such as paper, glass and bottles, and other kinds of waste.


Organisations will have to classify hazardous waste with codes. The waste will be kept in suitable packages to avoid leakage and environmental pollution before they are handed over to authorised agencies specialising in treating hazardous waste.


The decree requires owners of hazardous waste to register with the natural resources and environment departments in their localities.