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Accenture Awards Save the Children an Additional US$3.2 Million to Provide Young Adults

(08:26:26 AM 31/05/2014)
(Tinmoitruong.vn) - Accenture and Save the Children announced that Accenture and the Accenture Foundations have awarded Save the Children an additional US$3.2 million to build upon Accenture-supported projects in Vietnam, China and Bangladesh that create job skills training and placement opportunities for disadvantaged and at-risk young people. This grant brings Accenture’s direct support to more than US$ 5.7 million since 2010.


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The award is part of Accenture’s corporate citizenship initiative, Skills to Succeed, which will equip 700,000 people around the world by 2015 with the skills to get a job or build a business. The two-year grant will help Save the Children increase the employability of nearly 27,000 young people by delivering market-relevant vocational, work readiness and life skills and entrepreneurship training. Additionally, the grant aims to strengthen linkages between trainers, employers and government to ensure demand-driven training and job placement opportunities.


“Through our partnership with Save the Children, we have seen positive change and the lasting impact of equipping young people with the skills to find a job,” said Jill Huntley, managing director, Global Corporate Citizenship, Accenture. “Building on our work together, we will enhance the scope of our existing skills training program, expand the number of people we reach and deliver market-relevant skills to those who need them most.”


In addition to skills training, the grant will enable Save the Children to increase both the scale and impact of its ongoing Skills to Succeed projects through the production of knowledge tools and assets. These will share insights and learning on how the private sector, governments and non-profits can partner to better prepare young people to be skilled and ready for job opportunities as they emerge.


“With Accenture’s help, we have already seen changes in the lives of youth who were trained through our efforts to date in China, Egypt, Indonesia and the Philippines. Some young people have started their own trades like hat making and baking, while others have found jobs in industries like tourism and call centers,” said Carolyn Miles, president and CEO of Save the Children. “This initiative is changing the future for young people who traditionally have had few options and helping to address extensive unemployment for youth globally.”


Vietnam will receive more than US$677,800 of the total grant funds to support job skills training and placement opportunities for 1,900 young people in two cities: Da Nang and Can Tho. The priority will be given to low-income, unskilled or street youth, as well as laborers and migrants.