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January 17, 2022, 11:58 am

University row leads to security chaos

(13:24:51 PM 02/01/2014)
( - A serious dispute among officials at a HCM City private university has led to a deadlock, following a decision by its management board to transfer the school to another site.



Last Saturday, a group of security guards hired by the management board arrived at Hung Vuong University in Phu Nhuan District to move equipment to the new site at Nguyen Trai Street in District 5 and Che Lan Vien Street in Tan Phu District.


However, the school's Party executive committee, secretaries of departments and students expressed their opposition to the move, asking the security guards to present legal documents.


Tran Duy Linh, vice dean of the Hospital Administration Department, told online newspaper Vnexpress, "The university has yet to appoint a new president as well as there is no legal stamp. Thus, there are no legal documents.


"The security guards have no right to move or take anything from the university. The school's entrance was locked to ensure the students' security, especially when they are in class."


The chaotic situation worsened when security tried to break the locks with hammers and pincers, but finally ended when local police and authorities arrived.


Dr. Nguyen Mong Giao, vice president of Hung Vuong University, told Vnexpress that the decision to move the university to a new place had been approved by the school's board of management and information had been given to all students.


"The university was forced by the Ministry Education and Training to suspend enrollment in 2012. So the current number of students is only about 2,000, while the rent for the current location is high, more than VND400 million ($20,000) per month.


So the board decided to move the university to 59 Che Lan Vien Street in Tan Phu District, which can accommodate about 3,000 students," he said.


"Moving to the new place would help us save a large amount of money, while still ensuring the school's operation," he added.


On behalf of the university's staff, Nguyen Van Bac, a school's Party executive committee member, said, "We did not agree with the decision because the new place has not been checked and there is no legal representative responsible for anything."


"Moreover, many relevant documents and the legal stamp have not been handed over by Le Van Ly, former president of Hung Vuong University," he said. "We insist that the university not be moved."


On June 14, the HCM City administration issued a notice saying that it would not recognise Le Van Ly, former president of the university, as the president of Hung Vuong University.


The city authority has asked Ly to return the university's stamp and related documents to the school's management board.


However, Ly has not done so, and instead has sued the city administration about the decision not to recognise him as the president of the university.


The case has been brought to city court, but has not been decided.


Meanwhile, the city administration has not agreed to reissue a new stamp for the university.


The management board does not have a stamp now and all the documents are considered illegal. Thus, it is impossible for the board to appoint the new president.


The dispute between the involved parties still exists.


The over-development of private universities in the country, many of which have poor management and low quality, have caused a negative impact on society.


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