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November 17, 2018, 12:07 pm

Mobile phone technology help cope with natural disasters

(16:36:01 PM 14/11/2014)
( - On Nov 12, in Soc Trang Province, ActionAid Vietnam (AAV) has collaborated with Microsoft Corporation Vietnam to deploy the project using Microsoft Data Gathering (MDG) tools on mobile phone. This new technology will automatically digitize, analyze and share information promptly and accurately to help people and local authorities in the Mekong River Delta provinces in better respond to natural disasters.

 Mobile phone technology help cope with natural disasters

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The project was piloted in 16 villages of three communes of Tan Hung, Tan Hanh Chau Khanh of Long Phu district, Soc Trang. The Centre for Data Processing Natural Disaster Risk Reduction which has based on computer technology with integrated software MDGs has established to help local authorities improve their response and preparedness for natural disasters.

According to ActionAid, in recent years, the technology infrastructure of telecommunications in Vietnam has made great progress. Vietnam have the potential of using mobile phone technology to cope with disasters. Tests which have been conducted in the last 3 months has proved that MDGs are very close to the people and they can easily master this technology. According to initial estimates, 28,000 people will benefit directly and 113,000 people benefit indirectly from the project.


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