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October 26, 2021, 6:33 am

Phu Quoc to become international resort centre

(15:37:34 PM 15/07/2015)
( - Phu Quoc, an attractive destination in Vietnam’s southwestern waters, is striving to become an international eco-tourism and resort centre.

 Phu Quoc to become international resort centre

Vietnam’s largest island, dubbed the Pearl Island in the southern province of Kien Giang, attracts numerous tourism development projects and thousands of holiday-makers due to its stunning landscapes and geographical features.


The efforts of local authorities and investors to support tourism development are certainly paying off: visitor numbers are at an all time high. Phu Quoc welcomed approximately 600,000 tourists in 2014, an annual increase of nearly 40 percent, and this year numbers are expected to exceed 850,000 visitors.


The island posted an 84.28 percent hike in tourism revenue last year, totalling over 2.2 trillion VND (104.8 million USD), according to the People’s Committee of Phu Quoc district.


However, despite its large number of tourists, the island has yet to attract large investors, General Director of the Sai Gon-Phu Quoc Resort, Phung Xuan Mai, said. He added that local tourism operators still neglect the quality of services amid the fast increase in visitors’ number, which prevent Phu Quoc from becoming a top destination in the region.


To remediate this, Vice Chairman of Phu Quoc district’s People’s Committee said local authorities were working with schools and vocational training centres to boost the island’s human resources in order to meet the increasing demand for highly skilled staff in the tourism sector.


The locality is also focusing on improving the environment by constructing concentrated waste treatment and collection plants.


The Prime Minister recently approved a mechanism for the building of entertainment complex with casino on Phu Quoc island, which is expected to help lure more visitors to the island.


At present, Phu Quoc Island has more than 4,000 hotel rooms on offer, which can accommodate 7,000-8,000 guests. A number of hotel and resort construction projects are currently under way in an attempt to cater to tourism demands and make the island an international tourism hub.



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