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Kung Fu Pho set to tickle funny bones in HCM City

(16:43:35 PM 07/07/2015)
( - A comedy film about pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) will be released in cinemas later this month.

 Kung Fu Pho set to tickle funny bones in HCM City

Laughing stock: A comedy centred on Viet Nam's iconic noodle soup will be screened in HCM City this month. — Photo courtesy of Skyline Media


Produced by Skyline Media, a provide film studio in HCM City, titled Kung Fu Pho, narrates the story of a woman and her family struggling to become a famous pho seller.


The oldest daughter of a pho seller, Co Co (played by My Duyen) has to earn a living from a very young age. She helps her father at his pho shop before spending time and money to learn the art of cooking the tasty dish.


Battling against the odds, she becomes a famous pho vendor.


The film's director, Nguyen Quoc Duy, worked for over a year to complete Kung Fu Pho, from writing the script to building a film studio for his production.


More than 20 popular artists, including Diem My, Hoang Son, My Uyen and Mai Son, are featured in the film.


The director and his staff travelled to several areas in HCM City and the Mekong Delta provinces of Vinh Long and Can Tho, to get an insight into the country's traditional lifestyle and cuisine.


"To entertain young audiences, my film includes both comedy and kung-fu scenes," said Duy, who is famous for his horror films like Chung Cu Ma (Hunted House) and Ngu Voi Ma (Sleeping with the Ghost).


"Through my film, I wanted to introduce a taste of pho to the world," he said.


Duy invited movie star Duyen to play in his film because "she has both beauty and performance to meet my requirement".


Duyen returned to the wide screen by working with Duy after eight years of being involved in the theatre.


"Kung Fu Pho encouraged my love for the film," said Duyen.


Duyen was sent to study ballet at the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in 1982.


In 1990 she returned and worked as a free-lance dancer for several dance troupes in HCM City.


Her first role on the screen was a young girl in Vi Dang Tinh Yeu (The Bitterness of Love) directed by Le Hoang in 1993. Her performance left a strong impression on both critics and audiences.


She later was invited to perform in quality films, such as Bang Qua Bong Toi (Through the Dark), Luoi Dao (The Knife) and Gai Nhay (Bar Girl), by Hoang, one of the country's most talented directors.


She won three top prizes for best actress at national film festivals in 1993, 1995 and 2004.


In 2007, she began work for the IDECAF Drama Stage.


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