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300 precious century-old trees honored, protected

(13:53:08 PM 01/11/2012)
(Tinmoitruong.vn) - The Vietnam Association for Conservation or Nature and Environment VACNE has reported that 300 ancient trees have been honored and put under the special protection under the heritage tree scheme initiated by the association over the last three years.


The heritage tree at Landmark No. 651

On October 3, the cay sau (dracontomelon tree) in Soc Ha Commune of Ha Quang district in the northern province of Cao Bang was recognized by VACNE as the Vietnamese Heritage Tree in an official ceremony.

Ancient trees not only play a very important role in the ecological environment, but they are also precious natural heritages bearing cultural and historical values that need to be protected for everlasting existence.

The heritage tree at Landmark No. 651

The tree has a circumference of 9.5 meters, diameter 3.13 meters and the height of 38 meters. Scientists have not pinpointed the age of the tree, but elderly people in the locality affirmed that the tree has been living for the last nine people’s generation, witnessing historical ups and downs of the border land area of Soc Ha in Ha Quang district.

A lot of ancient trees in the locality have been chopped down for precious wood by illegal lumberjacks. However, the dracontomelon tree still has existed under the protection by local people. 

This is the third recognized heritage tree in Cao Bang province. Prior to that, the title of Vietnam Heritage Tree was given to a Burretiodendron hsienmu tree in Kim Loan commune of Ha Lang district, and another Burretiodendron hsienmu in Pac Po in Truong Ha commune of Ha Quang district.

“The recognition of the value of heritage trees would help heighten the community’s awareness of the afforestation and ecological environment protection,” said Dr Nguyen Ngoc Sinh, Chair of VACNE.

“Moreover, the dracontomelon tree at the Landmark No. 651 is also evidence proving the national sovereignty,” he added.

Local authorities and communities in Cao Bang province have been trying to protect primeval forests, where there exist precious ancient trees and the temples worshiping the Forest God. Local residents believe that if someone attempts to chop down the precious trees in the forests, he would be strictly punished.

The deep respect to the forest god has helped local residents protect the primeval forests, which have become very attractive destinations for tourists, because they serve as the evidence showing how Vietnamese ancestors treated the ecological environment.

Three years and 300 heritage trees

Over the last three years, since the day VACNE launched the Heritage Tree Scheme, 300 heritage trees have been recognized. This not only has important significance in protecting biodiversity and precious genetic sources, but also helps call on competent agencies and the community to pay more attention to the environment protection.

According to VACNE, Singapore is the first country which launches the heritage tree protection movement. The programs on protecting heritage trees have been launched in China, Thailand, Myanmar, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the US so far.

Sinh of VACNE said by the end of September 2012, VACNE had honored 300 heritage trees after considering the files about the 600 trees in 30 provinces and cities nationwide. 

The most ancient tree is 2100 years old in Viet Tri City in Phu Tho province, which first appeared in the An Duong Vuong King dynasty. The tree in the Pu Mat National Park in Nghe An province holds the record in the height of trees. Meanwhile, many other century-old trees have been associated with significant historical values.
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