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Chinese businessmen and the “buy all” strategy Tin ảnh

(11:21:28 AM 22/06/2013)
(Tinmoitruong.vn) - Chinese businessmen continue rousing the Vietnamese farm produce market, “deploying troops” at all market segments and applying the same attack methods.

 Buying strange things, for what?

Transporting goods at the Vietnam-China border.

Chinese businessmen have been reaching their hands to all farm produce markets in Vietnam. They buy everything Vietnam has, from the essential goods for daily life such as rice, cassava, sweet potatoes to coffee, pepper, coconuts and seafood products, to the strange things that no one knows what they use for such as the roots of pepper trees or bloodsuckers.

Experts believe that Chinese are not foolish enough to spend money to buy everything just to… throw them away. “Buying all” is a strategy followed by them to distract the people’s attention from their main purpose.

Chinese businessmen have been trying to organize the attack campaigns from all sides. While people and state management agencies are still discussing what to do to protect farmers from the Chinese attack to the Vietnamese sturgeon farming, their attention has been driven to the Chinese collection of cassava stems and the roots of a kind of tree.

The Chinese move of buying everything, including the worthless products, is really a part of their “diversionary tactics,” which cause uncertainties in the society. The strategy aims to attract the Vietnamese local authorities’ and people’s attention to some fake purposes, so that Chinese businessmen have free hands to attack their main and long term targets – farm produce, specialty food and seafood products.

Analysts have noted that the campaigns of collecting “unnamed” and “strange” things do not last for a long time. This shows that collecting the odd things is clearly not the main purpose of Chinese businessmen. The campaigns just serve as the tool for them to implement their plans in other fields.

By going to every corner of the market and seeking to purchase worthless products, Chinese businessmen have the opportunities to learn more about the production and the market, and to penetrate the important markets so as to make higher profits.

Chair of the Vietnam Food Association -- Truong Thanh Phong, recently said that Chinese businessmen have canceled the contracts they signed with Vietnamese rice exporters, which has put big difficulties for Vietnamese exporters and farmers.

As a result, rice companies have to accept to sell rice at low prices in order to obtain more contracts. In this case, Chinese businessmen, who learned well about the Vietnamese rice market, have played tricks to impose their rules when doing business with Vietnam.

Vietnamese agriculture harmed

The Chinese collection of odd things in Vietnam turns out to be a very wise move of Chinese.

Experts have pointed out that the moves aim to sabotage the Vietnamese agricultural production and damage the ecological balance.

Chinese businessmen collect dried leaves of cashew plants, because leaves play a very important role in maintaining the humanity and the fertility of the soil.

Chinese also collect the roots of all kinds of trees, including pepper, a valuable farm produce, cassava, a material for industrial production. They also seek to purchase herbs, which leads to the “bleeding” of the Vietnamese herbal resources.


Why can Chinese businessmen penetrate into Vietnam and go to every corner of the market to collect Vietnamese produce? The easy entry of Chinese into Vietnam shows the mismanagement of government agencies in managing the foreign expat workers.


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