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January 26, 2022, 1:08 pm

Two baby-sitters arrested for brutally torturing kids

(14:50:08 PM 18/12/2013)
( - In the afternoon of December 17, after a day taking testimony, Police of Thu Duc District, HCM City prosecuted and jailed two baby-sitters who brutally beat kids.


Le Thi Dong Phuong, 31 and Nguyen Le Thien Ly, 19 at the police station.

They are Le Thi Dong Phuong, 31, a resident of District 8, HCM City - the owner of the Phuong Anh private kindergarten on Hiep Binh Road, Thu Duc District and her niece, Nguyen Le Thien Ly, 19, from Kien Giang province.


Phuong and Ly were arrested after Tuoi Tre Daily posted a video clip, which was shot over three days, showing how Phuong and Ly tortured kids from 10 months old to 4 years old at the Phuong Anh kindergarten (see the video below).


Local police received the clip on December 13, they immediately summoned Phuong, Ly and the kindergarten’s cook named Nguyen Thi Dieu for investigation. The police also asked families to take their children to doctors for check-up.


Ly maltreated a child. Photo from the clip shot by Tuoi Tre Daily.

On December 16, when the clip was broadcast on television, the police temporarily arrested these people to protect them from the anger of the public and the families whose children were tortured.


At the police office, Phuong and Ly admitted to brutally beat and threaten at least five children. However, they said that they did not know that their behavior is a crime and they just wanted the children to be fed and to be obedient. It is absurd because Phuong got a bachelor degree on pre-school education and other certificates on child care while Ly is studying at a cooking class of the Saigon University.


The police said that they were investigating about cook Nguyen Thi Dieu because she did not appear in the clip.


According to the police, the Phuong Anh kindergarten opened in October 2012 without a license. The local authorities checked and imposed fines on this illegal kindergarten twice in November and December 2013.

Le Ha

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