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Stricter penalties sought to prevent drunk driving

(10:17:48 AM 09/03/2015)
( - The National Traffic Safety Committee has proposed the Government take stricter administrative measures to prevent drunk driving from March 15 in order to cope with road accidents and deaths, according to local media.

 Stricter penalties sought to prevent drunk driving

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As suggested by the committee, auto drivers should be fined VND8-15 million (US$374-702) and have their driving licenses seized for six months if the alcohol level in their blood hits 50 mg per 100 ml of blood.


The fine and the time for seizing driving licenses are proposed at VND15-20 million and one year for drivers with 50-80 mg per 100 ml of blood. Violators should be forced to retake tests on traffic regulations when they get back their driving licenses.


With alcohol content of more than 80 mg per 100 ml of blood, auto drivers should have their driving licenses seized for two years while their vehicles should be confiscated. They should also have to retake tests to get their licenses back.


The committee also proposed confiscating those motorbikes used on expressways which are currently reserved for automobiles only.


The committee’s deputy chairman Khuat Viet Hung was quoted by the news site VnExpress as saying that fines might not make strong impact on drunk drivers but withdrawing their driving licenses and seizing their vehicles could help.


Asked if such proposals might face objections from the public, Hung said the committee wants to strengthen road safety and prevent drunk driving.


Minister of Transport Dinh La Thang said 2014 was the first year the number of people killed in traffic accidents was less than 9,000 a year, but traffic accidents were still serious. He noted that road deaths during the Lunar New Year holiday (Tet) were higher than the same period last year.


Traffic accidents left 317 people dead and 509 injured from February 15 to 23, the duration of the Tet break in Vietnam, according to the National Traffic Safety Committee and the Ministry of Public Security.


The average daily number of road deaths in the nine days was 35 compared to the daily figure of 32 during last Tet. Most of the traffic accidents involved cars and motorcycles on national highways and provincial roads, and in rural areas.


The sources said 525 road accidents killed 308 and injured 505 others while the respective figures for 10 railway accidents during the period were one and three.


The higher deaths at Tet this year were attributable to violations of traffic regulations on speed, drunk driving and safety helmet wearing.



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