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September 19, 2021, 3:53 pm

People pay heavy price for spontaneous soil exploitation

(22:56:12 PM 30/10/2012)
( - Soil has been excavated everywhere in Phu Tho province, causing serious environment pollution, deforming hills and mountains, and causing landslide, thus harming local people’s lives.

Since there has been no defined land fund for excavation for construction works’ foundation, people have been excavating soil everywhere they can, though they know this would devastate their living environment. Meanwhile, local authorities still have not found reasonable solutions, though they have been well aware of the consequences caused by the excavation.

The land for forestry development also excavated

Local authorities recently have spontaneously granted licenses to households to exploit land for construction works. A lot of institutions and individuals have been excavating land for illegal sale. 

Analysts say a lot of soil trading cases have been smoothly implemented, relating to the land areas along the Noi Bai – Lao Cai Expressway. As a result, a lot of hills have disappeared, while beautiful mountains have got deformed. No one could imagine before that the beautiful land areas would be so rough and variegated and environment polluting.

Some days ago, the Environment Police Division of the Phu Tho provincial Police began the investigation over the cases of excavating soil in land areas reserved for forestry projects to sell for profit.

In Huong Non commune of Tam Nong district, the mountains have been leveled by tens of bulldozers. In order to “legalize” the illegal soil excavation, the households here have been advised to seek the permission from the local authorities to lower the mountains for easier agricultural farming. 

Ironically, local residents, most of them are farmers, understand well that once the mountains are leveled, the land fertility would also disappear, while only gravel and stones would be left. If so, no plant would be able to grow on such land.

The police has ordered the Vinh Phu Construction Joint Stock Company to stop implementing the project, because it spontaneously exploited and used soil in the forestry land area to serve its benefit.

However, ironically, the Tam Nong District’s authorities later released a decision allowing the said company to exploit the forestry land in Tam Nong to serve the company’s project on building an ethanol factory here.

The police have affirmed that the district’s authorities do not come within the jurisdiction of allowing businesses to exploit land.

Geohazards – the heavy price human has to pay for soil excavation

According to the Phu Tho provincial authorities, 13 licenses have been granted to five soil exploitation enterprises. The enterprises can excavate soil to serve the building of the Noi Bai – Lao Cai Expressway in the districts of Ha Hoa, Thanh Ba, Phu Tho, Lam Thao and Viet Tri City.

However, the exploiters have not followed strictly the required investment procedures. Especially, they have not paid the environment fee, paid deposit and tax, and have not programmed the waste grounds in reasonable areas.

Analysts believe that there is a simple solution to the problem is that the local authorities define the land fund for soil exploitation in 2010-2015, which means that projects’ developers would be able to take soil from the defined land areas.

However, they have warned that it would be a must to carry out field works to find out possible geohazards. The land slide has occurred in some places in the province. Therefore, it is urgently necessary to define the dangerous areas and take actions to prevent people’s lives and assets.

The people in Ninh Dan commune of Thanh Ba district have to leave the commune, which has become the hazardous land area due to the recent repeated landslide.
Compiled by Thu Uyen (VietNamNet Bridge )

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