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January 21, 2022, 6:21 pm

Mass grave found in central Vietnam

(15:11:49 PM 20/01/2015)
( - At least 21 sets of remains buried in different postures were excavated from a 150m2 garden in Ba Ngoi Ward, Cam Ranh City of the central province of Khanh Hoa.


Mass grave found in central Vietnam

The 7sq.m hole where 21 sets of remains found.

As reported by Mr. Nguyen Van Xe, 75 and his son, Nguyen Van Doan, 37, the mass grave was found when the family dug up a biogas cellar in their garden in late December 2014.


On the second day of digging, the family uncovered two sets of remains placed on a straight line and in opposite directions, about 50cm from each other. Later, they excavated three others, placed in a circle. The five sets of remains were arranged in a star shape.


The family reported to the local authorities and they were allowed to continue the excavation.


By January 5, a total of 17 sets of remains were found within a 7sq.m area. The remains were buried in a local cemetery.


On January 17, the family again uncovered two sets of remains and two skulls, Xe said. However, Ms. Dao Thi Doan, Vice Chair of Ba Ngoi Ward, verified only 17 sets of remains.


Xe said that the excavation was costly, so he had asked for funding from the local government.


Dao Van Hoa, chairman of Cam Ranh City People's Committee, said there was no evidence the remains were those of war soldiers.


"The authorities who checked the remains reported they did not find any military items or equipment, so we are making a preliminary identification of civilian," Hoa said, adding that the case had been forwarded to the Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs of Khanh Hoa Province for further investigation.


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