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January 19, 2022, 2:26 pm

HCM City tightens management over land issue violations

(16:22:03 PM 17/01/2015)
( - Land issue violations cost the capital city VND160 billion (US$7.6 million) and 3.88ha of land during 2014, Ha Noi Inspectorate Deputy Chief Bui Van Dinh said on Monday at a meeting.


 HCM City tightens management over land issue violations


City authorities conducted 270 administrative inspections covering issues in construction investment, land management and public debt in construction, where the city government cannot pay the contractors after they finish building urban infrastructure, according to Dinh.


He said the Inspectorate had proposed that the city People's Committee reclaimed VND150 billion ($7.1 million) and 3.88ha of violated land, in addition to fining 29 organisations and 39 individuals for failing to fulfill their management duties.


The city also conducted non-administrative inspections in other fields including environment and construction safety and fined related organisations and individuals VND44.36 billion ($2.1 million) last year, he added.


During 2014, city agencies received 30,446 people with complaints and denunciations and resolved two-thirds of the claims.


While the city returned VND2.4 billion ($114,000) and 29.29sq.m of housing land to the people and warned 32 individuals and 12 organisations, Dinh said that the city did not solve a large number of cases because rules and regulations had changed. Moreover, some districts did not follow cases closely and assign clear missions to their agencies.


At the meeting, Le Tien Hao, the Government Inspectorate's Deputy Chief, said that Ha Noi should improve its inspection activities and performance in solving claims and reports, review its policies and regulations to prevent corruption and perform cost-effective activities.


Inspection types


An administrative inspection is an inspection conducted by the Government on itself, its agencies, ministries and their agencies to evaluate their performance in implementing regulations and policies. Administrative inspectors discipline those who fail to fulfill their duties.


A non-administrative inspection is an inspection that the Government conducts to ensure all organisations and individuals in the private sector strictly follow the laws, regulations and policies issued by the Government. Non-administrative inspectors fine those who break the law.



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