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January 26, 2022, 12:48 pm

Entrepreneurship on the rise in VN

(16:32:33 PM 13/10/2014)
( - The business community has ambitious goals, aiming to create an additional one million businesses, creating better jobs and improving the livelihoods of the nation’s people over the next ten years.


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Viet Nam Chamber of Industry and Trade (VCCI) President Vu Tien Loc made the affirmation on the occasion of Viet Nam Entrepreneurs’ Day (October 13), a holiday set aside to honor the Vietnamese business people who promote entrepreneurship, business, innovation, and new jobs.


According to VCCI statistics, the opening of the markets in line with World Trade Organization (WTO) commitments during this period and the resulting influx of foreign investment has resulted in the creation of 11 million jobs, benefiting over 4.6 million individual households in recent years, he said.


As of January 2014, the country had more than 750,000 businesses established in accordance with the Enterprise Law. Over 390,000 of them were established in the last five years and over half of them were established in the last ten years, Mr. Loc said.


Victoria Kwakwa, (WB) Country Director in Viet Nam said the rebound of the global economy bodes well for Viet Nam and the business community and expressed her confidence that the government will create improved economic conditions for business to flourish.


Viet Nam is situated in one of the most dynamic development regions in the world, said Kwakwa adding that the increased consumer trust in the government and business community has strengthened consumer demand in the Made-in-Viet Nam brand. She suggested the Vietnamese Government make further efforts to improve the investment environment and continue its quest to devise improved support policies to help Vietnamese businesses continue to thrive.



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