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January 27, 2022, 4:00 pm

Enhanced management of natural resources and proactive response to natural disaster

(08:13:06 AM 25/10/2014)
( - On the first working day, 20th of October 2014, of the 8th session, legislature XIII of the National Assembly, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung presented a report on the socioeconomic development in 2014 and duties in 2015.

Natural resources management and environmental protection, natural disaster preparedness and climate change response shall be critical missions for the government and for the voting delegates.


Enhanced management of natural resources and proactive response to natural disaster

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 * Enhanced natural resources management, increased contribution to state budget, and reduced pollution

As said in the socioeconomic report 2014 and duties in 2015, the government has been actively implementing the resolution by the party central committee in reviewing and perfecting policies, enhanced state management over natural resources, environmental protection and climate change response and preparedness.  

  The exploitation and usage of natural resources have been more strictly managed, which enables increased contribution to state budget thanks to an increase in the licensing of natural resources explorers. Stronger implementation of the land law, development of a land database, simplified administrative procedures in the management, particularly allocation of land, land lease, issuance of land use right certificates; the rate of issuance of land use right certificate has reached 93.8%. Water resources management, protection and usage have also been significantly enhanced. Completion of the issuance of inter-reservoir operation procedures for a lot of river basin.       

     Enhanced inspection and supervision and tackling of polluters and environmental protection violations. Safe water and rural hygiene and climate change response program have been actively implemented. The hydrometeorology observation, disaster, including typhoon and flood, early warning systems have been implemented. A lot of climate change response and natural disaster preparedness projects have also been implemented. Awareness and competence in natural disaster preparedness have also been increased. Many important targets have been achieved successfully.  
    Nevertheless, environmental pollution remains increasing; pollution in rivers, rural areas, and traditional handicraft villages has seen slow improvement. Resources needed for climate change response and natural disaster preparedness are still limited. Natural disasters are still leaving serious consequences. Flooding in some cities is also seeing slow improvement. Coastal resources investigation has not seen desirable result. Mineral resources management, particularly exploitation in combination with environmental protection there exist a lot of shortcomings. 

* Perfection of laws and strict punishment for violations

To tackle issues relating natural resources management as reflected by the voting delegates, the government has proposed concrete solutions. In a next step, the legal framework shall be streamlined. That is, stronger implementation and reviewing of the land law; reviewing of plans, enhancing management and exploitation of natural resources and mineral sources and coastal resources investigation at basic level. At the same time, development and usage of renewable energy sources are encouraged. Strict control over pollution sources and strict punishment for violations. Strict punishment for serious environmental polluting entities. Promoting the detection and removal of explosives left over from war time. Forest protection and development, particularly protective forest, mangrove forest; nature and biodiversity conservation. Enhancing the quality of forecasting and be proactive in response to natural disasters. Promoting international cooperation in the field of sustainable management and usage of water sources from Me Kong River.

Some natural resources and environmental targets in 2014
The rate of serious polluting entities being published reaches 90%; The rate of existing industrial parks and processing zones having built their central wastewater treatment systems that can provide standard treated water reaches 82%; The rate of forest cover reaches 42%; The rate of rural population having access to safe water reaches 85%; The rate of urban population having access to safe water reaches 82%; The rate of level 3 and above urban centers having wastewater collection and treatment systems reaches 16%; The rate of urban solid waste being collected reaches 85%.


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