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January 17, 2022, 11:32 pm

Endangered bear species discovered in Quang Nam Province Tin mới nhất

(10:02:53 AM 24/07/2014)
( - The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has photographic evidence of the Ursus thibetanus bear species found in the central province of Quang Nam in June.

This photo was taken by WWF in June 2014. Photos provided by WWF.


An Ursus thibetanus bear was captured by a WWF camera trap in the natural forests of Quang Nam. After analyzing the research, the scientists announced the findings yesterday.


This is the second time WWF camera traps have recorded an individual Ursus thibetanus bear since December 2012.


The Ursus thibetanus bear is listed as an endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). In Vietnam, hunting, trafficking and trading of this species is illegal.


Conservation experts say the findings show the positive impact of conservation measures being applied in the forests of Quang Nam, the richest biodiversity area of Vietnam.


Of over 12,000 photographs taken by WWF cameras, many rare species of animals have been recorded as Java pangolins, large muntjac, chamois, Annamite striped rabbit, Ursus thibetanus bear and especially Saola, the national treasure that was newly rediscovered after 15 years in Vietnam.


"They are species affected by illegal hunting, which we are trying to prevent through active patrolling and management of protected areas. I believe that the photos would be extremely important monitoring indices for our conservation efforts with the support of WWF," said Mr. Phan Tuan, Director of the Quang Nam Forest Protection Department.


Besides setting camera traps to record traces of wild animals and their habitats, WWF and the related units are implementing a new model of forest patrolling, in which local people are recruited and trained in law enforcement and patrol. In particular, they are also taught how to dismantle traps and destroy the tents of hunters, and prevent illegal hunting and logging.

Thu Nga

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