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January 19, 2020, 3:10 pm

Dengue fever fears rise in central VN Tin ảnh

(15:56:38 PM 25/07/2013)
( - Health experts are worried that increasing numbers of dengue cases could result in the disease spreading across central and Central Highlands provinces.


The Dak Lak General Hospital's Paediatrics Department has been overloaded by increasing numbers of children and their families.—File Photo


The Dak Lak General Hospital's Paediatrics Department has been overloaded by increasing numbers of children and their families.


The department's Deputy Head Tran Thi Thuy Minh told the Tien Phong (Vanguard) Newspaper that the department had received 75 child patients this month compared to 69 cases during the first six months of this year.


There were no fatalities but serious cases with convulsions and complications have increased. The situation was caused by an unusual surge in the dengue virus' toxicity, according to Minh.


The hospital's communicable diseases department has received 82 adult patients despite doubling its beds up to 70.


The director of the Central Highlands Hygiene and Epidemiology Institute, Pham Tho Duoc said that this year had been predicted as the peak of the dengue period and that the disease would spread further than in previous years.


Therefore, Duoc said, the preventive medicine sector had carried out measures to prevent dengue from the beginning of 2013.


The institute reported a total 2,359 dengue cases in the first 27 weeks of the year in four provinces of the Central Highlands, of which no fatalities were reported.


Dak Lak Province had the highest number of dengue cases with 1,672 patients while Gia Lai Province had 331, Dak Nong Province 326 and Kon Tum Province only 30.


Duoc said that the number of dengue cases was still less than the 4,113 cases recorded during the same period of 2010, including 3 fatalities.


However, Duoc forecast that the disease would reach it peak in the next 3 to 5 weeks. So that an information campaign should be put forward to mobilise the whole community in dengue prevention.


The dengue outbreaks that occurred were scattered across a wide area, and have caused many difficulties for preventative measures to be carried out. This was caused by many local people storing water in many kinds of uncovered receptacles that created ideal conditions for mosquito larvae to develop.


People should improve their immediate environment, cover water containers and use mosquito nets. If having symptoms of a fever, people should go immediately to nearest medical centre for examination and treatment, added the institute's director.


According to the Ministry of Health, the dengue epidemic has developed in a complex manner in the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand.


Viet Nam has reported more than 14,000 cases of dengue since beginning of 2013, including at least 10 fatalities. Most dengue infections and fatalities were in the Central Highlands and the south eastern region.


The ministry asked international medical quarantine officials to step up immigration controls to detect dengue patients at customs and hospitals.


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