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December 1, 2021, 5:05 am

Da Lat vows to maintain green to develop tourism

(22:35:36 PM 30/10/2012)
( - The Tuyen Lam Lake tourist site in the romantic city of Da Lat has been rescued--with a solution which has been found to treat the waste water of the lake.


The Tuyen Lam Lake is a thematic tourist site approved by the Prime Minister, which plays a very important role in the development of the Da Lat City in particular and Lam Dong province in general. This is the land with a subtropical ecosystem and wonderful landscapes with the forests, lakes, waterfalls, one of the seven thematic national tourism sites which can meet the requirements to serve as an ecotourism site, resort and the place for workshop organization.

Waste water to be treated with Japanese technology

Due to the uneven terrain and specific geographic conditions, it is really very difficult to collect waste water from different projects for preliminary treatment and collect the preliminarily treated waste water to bring to the receiving source (the stream in Dai Nam area, nearly the Pren pass). Therefore, scientists feared that it would be very costly to treat the waste water here.

Meanwhile, the investment projects here would be put into operation in different stages, while the waste water collection system and waste treatment stations must be built and put into operation as soon as the first item is completed. 

As a result, what would happen is that waste water treatment stations would run at below the designed capacity, which would be a big waste of money, while this would shorten the life expectancy of the equipment.

In order to cut down the investment costs and minimize the natural resources waste, investors have been encouraged to use the waste water treatment system at the source in accordance to Johkasou technology manufactured by Hactra Company. 

With the technology, the waste water can be treated right at every item or group of items. The waste water, after undergoing the treatment, could be re-used for watering, cleaning roads or cleaning cars.

The biggest outstanding feature of the Johkasou technology is that waste water treatment can be conducted right at every work, while the treatment capacity can be adjusted in accordance with the waste volumes from the works.

Especially, the solution allows treating waste water in the conditions of uneven terrains, such as mountainous urban areas, plateaus, midlands with sloping hills, like Lam Dong province.

No changes in ecological functions

The Lam Dong provincial people’s committee has affirmed that despite the programming adjustment, the Tuyen Lam Lake’s function as an ecological site and resort would not change.

Regarding the programming adjustment, Chair of the provincial people’s committee Nguyen Xuan Tien said that the programming should be designed in the way which ensures the development and protection of the tourist site’s landscapes. 

Da Lat in the future would be the green land as it has decided to reduce the area for villas and increase the area for amusement parks. Especially, some areas which have high values in natural landscapes, especially the lakeside areas and peninsulas would be protected and upgraded, where no construction works would be set up.

Since the project on the Tuyen Lam Lake upgrading was made public, local authorities, relevant branches and investors have been making every effort to speed up the implementation of the project.

However, the provincial people’s committee still thinks that the efforts are still not enough to develop the lake into the one programmed.

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