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January 22, 2022, 6:27 am

Authorities end man’s search for 4,000-ton gold treasure

(15:43:22 PM 14/03/2015)
( - Binh Thuan authorities have decided to put an end to the search for 4,000 tons of gold at Mount Tau, after granting several extensions to Tran Van Tiep, 101, to look for the gold, according to the man’s family.


 Authorities end man’s search for 4,000-ton gold treasure

Mr. Tran Van Tiep (left).


Tiep was also asked to level the ground to resume the original state of Mount Tau where the gold is supposedly located.


The decision officially ended the 20-year search for the treasure.


The decision was made based on reports of local agencies, which said that there were no traces of the treasure, although modern exploration methods had been used.


From 1993 to October 2011, Tiep and his co-workers organized explorations on the mount, investing millions of US dollars in the search.


Tiep strongly believed in stories about 4,000 tonnes of gold buried on the mountain by a Japanese general in World War 2.


On October 10, 2011 Binh Thuan province approved Tiep’s nine-month exploration plan, from October 10, 2011 to October 7, 2012.


Tiep deposited VND500 million ($25,000) into the State Treasury of Binh Thuan to prepare for the leveling of the ground after the search.


Tiep also invited a telepath to locate the point of drilling. At the same time, he hired a geologist from Hanoi to use electromagnetic radiation meters to explore the mountain.


After the licence expired, Binh Thuan province extended the search to June 30, 2013.


After the third time, the search was extended until December 14, 2014. Tiep used mines for the exploration, with 1.889kg of explosives.


Tiep’s family asked for another extension but the authorities of Binh Thuan confirmed that was no treasure and refused to grant another extension.

Le Ha

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