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New plant species newly discovered

(09:05:48 AM 14/10/2014)
( - A new plant species in the Aristolochiaceae family was discovered in Xuan Lien Nature Reserve in central Thanh Hoa province. The plant was given a scientific name as Aristolochia Xuanlienensis, named after the place it was found.



 Flowers and leaves of Aristolochia xuanlienensis species are newly discovered


Scientists said this species has so far not been found anywhere else in the world. Additionally, during their research on biodiversity in the nature reserve, scientists discovered the presence of three species of flora of Lindernia megaphylla P.C, Kailarsenia lineata R.Br and  Didymocarpus pupureobracteatus Smith. which have so far not been recorded in Vietnam. The discovery of new species contributes to a richer biodiversity in Vietnam and worldwide.

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  Wonderful scenes in Bac Son Valley

Wonderful scenes in Bac Son Valley Tin ảnh

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 A third of Vietnam's ancient town could soon be under water

A third of Vietnam's ancient town could soon be under water

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