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“Discover Nha Trang” Magazine published by foreign men Tin mới nhất

(09:59:05 AM 19/08/2015)
( - Five men aged 21-26 from different countries who share the common hobby of travelling and love for Nha Trang City have released their English magazine “Discover Nha Trang” to serve foreign tourists. "Very surprised, very impressed!" said Mr. Huynh Van Nam, a tour guide, travel photographer and a resident of Nha Trang after reading the first issue.

 Unique perspective

Photos in the first issue of "Discover Nha Trang".
 Photos in the first issue of "Discover Nha Trang".
 With three parts, Explore human, Discover destinations, and Discover through photos, “Discover Nha Trang” gives readers a sense of freshness and fun through close-ups of life, people, and characteristic places of Nha Trang.
It includes the story of couple Le Ba Tho and Nguyen Thi Cao Phuong who sell coffee on the sidewalks of Ly Tu Trong Street; Nguyen Thi My Dung and Nguyen Dung Binh who sell “banh can” cakes on To Hien Thanh Road; the unique skills of the barbers; or the life of female garbage collectors on the streets of Nha Trang.
“Discover Nha Trang” also introduces to readers unique destinations such as the "mysterious paradise" Bai Dai (Long Beach) (north of Cam Ranh), and Ba Ho Waterfall (Ninh Hoa town), Long Son Pagoda, Po Nagar Cham Towers and interesting experiences as exploring the Bay of Nha Trang on Emperor Cruises, the artistic cafe LIVIN collective of a Vietnamese-Filipino couple on Bach Dang Street, or the bar on the 43rd floor of the hotel Havana Nha Trang...
The reader will also find in “Discover Nha Trang” pictures taken with the "Western" style about an old woman selling small things in the Dam Market, the bright smile of women rowing basket boats or mending fishing nets on Hon Mieu Island, the face of a little girl following her mother to sell seafood on Hung Vuong Street ...
Endless emotion
Allister Esguerra, 26, the chief editor.
 Allister Esguerra, 26, the chief editor.
 Discover Nha Trang” was the idea of Allister Esguerra, a 26-year-old man from the Philippines, who is now the chief editor of the magazine.
His colleagues are three Frenchmen, Pellegrin Jeremie (25), Bellier Theo (21), Allard Marine (23) and a man from Switzerland Getaz Antoine (24). The Vietnamese supporter for the group is Ngo Tung Bach (24).
Allister said he graduated from college in Iceland. He has been in Vietnam for five years. "I’ve traveled almost all over Vietnam, only except for Hoang Sa (Paracels Islands) and Truong Sa (Spratlys). I love Vietnam as my homeland," Allister said.
Explaining why he chose Nha Trang, Allister said: "The people, the scenery, weather, culture, cuisine ... everything about Nha Trang is attractive, unique and charming. We think why don’t we introduce such a wonderful place to friends all over the world?”
But how to make it different? Mr. Pham Ha - CEO of Travel Luxury Travel – suggested publishing a travel magazine instead of a website. The five men began producing “Discover Nha Trang" in March 2015. The first issue was released in late July, with 100 pages.
The magazines are presented for free because, according to Allister, his group worked for free. The printing cost was donated by some businesses
Allister said that they planned to issue “Discover Nha Trang” every four months, with two versions in Vietnamese and English. He said he did not worry about topics because each of Nha Trang’s 450,000 people has his/her stories.
Nha Trang has many flashy, macro things but “Discover Nha Trang” will focus on the simpler and honest things in life, he said.
"Discover Nha Trang is very professional, seriously both in content and form. Our country and people are marketed well. Our Association is ready to support the magazine," said Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, Vice Chair of the Nha Trang Travel Association.
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