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Unique architecture of churches in Vietnam Tin ảnh

(16:17:21 PM 27/12/2013)
( - Some churches with typical architecture throughout Vietnam.

1. Tra Co church, Quang Ninh province

The Tra Co Church is located in Tra Co Ward, Mong Cai City, Quang Ninh Province. The church was built in the 80s of the 19th century and restored in 1995. The church has hundreds of relieves and an 80-year-old bell.


2. Phat Diem Church, Ninh Binh Province



This one of the most unique architectural works in Vietnam, with a statue of the Cross on a lotus.



The church complex is arranged on the ground in the shape of a Chinese script meaning “King”, with the structure showing the oriental markings with a front lake and back mountain.



This work is built by big rocks, with four statues on the roof.


3. Wooden Church, Kon Tum


This is a unique architectural work which has stood firmly during the past century. The church is located right in the middle of Kon Tum town. With the architecture style, an interior decoration mixed between the local and western culture, the church attracts many tourists inland and abroad coming to contemplate.


The official name of the church is the head church of Kon Tum, but people here used to call it wooden church as almost of this religious construction is made of wood. Designed in Roman architecture style combined with the shape of house on stilts of the Central Highlands community, the church includes of five main parts: the cross tower of 25m height, two roofs – upper and lower – tiled with slate tiles, the walls, dome and the floor. All are made of prestigious kinds of wood such as ironwood, rosewood, etc. The most impressive is that the church includes more than 100 pillars arranged in four rows: two rows inside the room and two others close to the walls. All the pillars are equal in shiny black with diameter of 40cm.


The interior is decorated with wood combined with brocade and tree cover, which express the skillfulness of the minor ethnic artists, but arranged in European style, making a strange feeling to the visitors. In overall, the wooden church is just like a giant cross. Inside the church, there is a display room introducing about the custom and tradition of Central Highlands minor ethnic groups. Not far from the church is friary of Kon Tum built by the first diocesan of Kon Tum in 1935, with similar structure as a church but with larger scale.


4. Mang Lang Church, Phu Yen Province



The church is 35 kilometers north of Tuy Hoa City. It is one of the oldest churches in Vietnam.


The church was built in 1892 by French missionary Father Joseph Lacassagne in gothic style. This place was the native village of blessed Andrew of Phu Yen beheaded in 1644. It is now an important shrine, as Andrew was declared Patron of the youth. Alexander de Rhodes wrote here his Cathechismus in octo dies in Latin and Vietnamese (Quốc ngữ) and printed it in 1651.


5. Buon Ho Church, Dak Lak Province



6. Nha Trang Cathedral




The Nha Trang Cathedral is the largest church in the city of Nha Trang. This neo-Gothic-style Cathedral was inaugurated on 14 May of the year 1993 by father Louis Valley. The Nha Trang Cathedral occupies an area of 760m2 with capacity for 600 people, the Cathedral gardens and the outdoor range 2500 m2. The Cathedral is entirely made of cement reinforced and equipped with a colorful stained-glass Windows.


Situated on a hill about 10 meters high, this hill before the construction of the cathedral was much higher, however the French used explosive charges to 500 and level the land and build the access road, reducing the height of the hill on which sits the cathedral of Nha Trang.


Inside, the church floors were paved using rocks, but the most striking are the neon lights adorning the cathedral. We have red neons behind the crucifix, a form of white lights halo over the statue of the Virgin Mary, neon pink in the tabernacle and every one of the arches of the structure, neon blue.


The exterior of the Cathedral of Nha Trang are decorated with numerous statues of saints.


7. Domaine de Marie Church, Da Lat




The Domaine de Marie Church, also called Mai Anh Church or Cherry Church, is home to the Roman Catholic nuns of the Mission of Charity.


Actually, that's why many people think that there's a feminine charm attached to the architecture of the church. Located on a nice hill at 1 Ngo Quyen St., Ward 6, nearly 0.6 mile southwest away from the city center, it is a 29.6-acre architectural complex consisting of the main church and two convents.


It offers a scenic panoramic view of the city. It was built from 1930 to 1943 following the 17th century French style. Before 1975, this is the main abbey with more than 50 female nuns, most of which are Vietnamese who carry out social activities like opening orphanages and kindergarten.  However, because its architecture is the harmonious combination of Western art and Vietnamese folk art, the church definitely stands out from other ones created at the same era.


8. The Cock Church, Da Lat.



The church on Tran Phu Street near the city’s post office is better known under the name of Nha Tho Con Ga (Rooster Church), because on the top of its bell tower sits the statue of a rooster.


Historical documents show that the church started out as a small chapel built by the French in 1920 and named Hic Domus Est Dei. Two years later it was rebuilt into a 26-metre-long, eight-meter-wide cathedral with a 16-meter-tall bell tower.


From July 1931 to January 1942 the church was enlarged again to turn it into the largest cathedral in Da Lat. Currently, it is 65 meters long and 14 meters wide and boasts a 47-meter-tall bell tower.


The bronze rooster statue on the top of the tower is 66 centimeters long and 58 centimeters tall. The rooster replaces the customary displays the cardinal points and is a favorite animal of the French.


The cathedral’s architecture also recalls the French influence and mimics European Catholic churches in the Middle Ages. It has 70 French-made stained glass windows which color the sunlight falling through them.


The main door of the church, itself located on a hill, looks toward Langbian, the highest mountain in Da Lat.


9. Bao Loc Church, Lam Dong




10. Tac Say Church, Ca Mau Province



Compiled by Pha Le

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