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Weddings of Vietnamese in the 80s Tin ảnh

(09:26:26 AM 10/02/2014)
( - In the 80’s and 90’s, grooms carried brides who held flowers and whimpered on bicycles and motorcycles to their home. Wealthy families rented cars to pick up brides.

At that time, children often sang their song: "The bride and groom/ wear bamboo baskets on their heads/ Going through the bridge/ Their bamboo baskets fall down to the river/ The bride cries/ The groom smiles" and ran after the couple to look at their faces whenever a bride procession passed by.


For a fresh look at the wedding, the groom was often made up. White face, red lips and hair parted at the middle were the popular image of the groom at that time.


Famous artists Chi Trung and Ngoc Huyen in their happy wedding 28 years ago.


A bride procession using Super Cub and Dream motorbikes, which were considered very stylish more than 20 years ago.


This woman got married with a wealthy man so she was picked up by a car.



The happiness of a young couple in Hanoi through the lens of American photographer Advid Alan Harvey.


Wedding attendants wore their best clothes.


A soldier's wedding. The groom was in uniform and the bride wore a white blouse, black silk pants and held a bunch of gladiolus.


The wedding backdrop was decorated with a national flag and the banners "Fatherland above all" and "Do not forget duty."


A wedding in Saigon.


The brides often covered their faces by a veil and carried gaudy accessories on their heads.


The wedding backdrop was very simple, with the names of the bride and groom, the words "One Hundred Years of Happiness" and a pair of flying doves.



A fancy-styled wedding backdrop at that time.


The mother-in-law presented gifts for her new daughter-in-law.


The betrothal ceremony was also very simple, with only a betel tray and a tray of candies.



The elderly took the lead of the groom’s family to the bride’s home.


The groom walked to the bride’s house, followed by his friends.


A bride procession in the northern countryside. The couple lived in the same village. Parents wanted their daughters to marry men in the same village.



A wedding in the Southern Region. The bride walked through a monkey bridge to her husband's house.

T. Vân (vietnamnet)

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