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Korean culture captivates capital

(14:17:18 PM 19/08/2013)
( - Recently many young students have been telling each other: "There is a very Korean corner in Ha Noi, let's try it." This is because there is now a completely new Korean Cultural Centre and from its new attractive appearance to its schedule, it is a combination of simplicity and modernity.

Different beats: People enjoy learning how to use a Korean traditional drum at the Korean Cultural Centre. (Photo: Kim Jong-gak)


"If Korean culture took on a certain feel with visitors in the past, now everyone can feel free to make their own perceptions and enjoy them with newer changes in the future" said Park Nark-jong, the centre's director.


It has been renovated to include new open spaces such as the Book Coffee where visitors can drink tea, read books and relax or a beautiful garden where you can dance or learn taekwondo.


When you come here, you have a chance to live in an Korean world of art. That's why more and more young students like to visit the centre to discover the new Korean corner but also to learn more the beauty of Korean culture such as samulnori, traditional Korean music or find themselves on the third floor dancing to favourite K-pop music.


Last year, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea, a World K-pop Contest was held, in which the best students were selected for the final from a K-pop contest held at the Centre in Viet Nam.


Unexpected results


This year, instead of attending the World K-pop Contest in Korea, the centre organised a festival for K-pop lovers. And it produced unexpected results.


Earlier this year, over six days in Ha Noi, almost 1,500 members of K-pop Fan Clubs held a festival at the Korean Cultural Centre and Cung Xuan outdoor stage.


Next, a similar festival on June 22 with the participation of 35 fan clubs was hosted in HCM City. This festival took place with the theme "Self-Independence and Competition". It was different from previous festivals where the fans themselves engaged in the plans and organisation.


Furthermore, at this festival, all the students or fans had a chance to develop their competitive skills. Of them all, a team of volunteers was the most successful.


After the festival in Ha Noi, the centre had raised US$1,400 for its volunteering activities in the future. The excitement and dedication of the young people made for a perfect festival which also encouraged some kind hearts to look around and sympathise with disadvantaged people.


Charity festival


On May 17, a programme was held at the Bo De Pagoda, since it has now opened its community space. Almost 140 members of K-pop Fan Clubs in Ha Noi joined the charity programme taking part in many activities including a K-pop performance.


A famous Vietnamese play, Tam Cam in Korean, was performed by the centre's members and a mini T-ARA show excited the children there. In addition, the centre presented five electric water boilers, as well as characters from Pororo, a favourite animation character with children, and prepared Korean food for 250 orphans and old people.


The programme was so new and interesting it brought courage to many people there.


A young monk whose eyes kept watering whilst gripping the director's hands repeatedly said: "Thank you."


"Since I volunteered to help people here, it has become a very meaningful programme to me, full of hope and thanks," she said


The volunteers programme came to life after 40 members of the "K-Art Dream" team, set up after the K-pop Fan Club Festival in Ha Noi worked in co-operation with the Lotte Construction Company in Ha Noi, Ha Noi Children Palace and VK Media who own the Korean animation Pororo.


"Young Vietnamese people's hearts get warmer when thinking of those people performing," said centre's director Park.


V-Pop dream


Korea is proud of K-pop – a typical image of Korean wave or Hallyu, attracting youngsters all over the world. K-pop might not come from purely Korean traditional songs. It mixes with the pop songs and dances of other countries. Looking at the past, Korea experienced a difficult time when its pop songs were imitated by similar songs from other countries. After K-pop was born, it all changed. Korean people started to compose their own songs and make them famous using Korean singers. It is a progress of development a current trend, imitating and following others, then create your own identity.


When facing new challenges, it is my hope that Viet Nam will pass K-pop and renew V-pop as the new creation in Viet Nam. It is necessary to support and sympathise with each other towards a long-lasting future.


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