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Current status of land use management and planning, solutions to minimize drought, floods in Central Highlands Tin mới nhất

(19:38:32 PM 06/11/2014)
( - The Socio-economic development master plan and the land use management planning are the Government’s tools to direct land use, in accordance with the socio-economic development strategy, and to ensure necessary harmonization between economic development and environment. The fact shows that the planning are not really feasible with the real life, un-useful for development orientation and preventing deficiencies of market-oriented economy. The following reasons can be examined:

Current status of land use management and planning, solutions to minimize drought, floods in Central Highlands


- Systematic shortage of the planning: ¬cording to Vietnam’s regulations, planning has many levels where the lower should be driven by the higher. However, this rule does not fully complied. Generally, the regional planning are developed and approved after approving the lower-levels such as sectorial and provincial planning. Moreover, the sectorial and provincial planning do not usually consider to the master layout.

- The State management decentralization mechanism does not support the centralized supervising mechanism. Accordingly, the local authorities has their own power to decide on land use planning and land allocation, regardless of their insufficient capacity in ensuring sustainable development.

- Low quality of planning and unreliable prediction of impact factors on planning

- Shortage of proper solutions to implement planning: According to planning documentation regulations, its implementation solutions need to be clearly specified. However, this part is usually ambiguous, non-specific and poorly effective. But the most serious weakness is shortage of solutions to regulate the economy toward to market-oriented mechanism, especially ambiguousness of legal and economic tools.

- Poor planning implementation discipline: The approved planning owing its legal effects, are usually regulated in implementing process. Moreover, its regulation principals and base are not fully and properly explained.

- Low developed economy: In agricultural sector, the household model is most popular and automatically driven by the market. The agriculture-forestry farms mostly occupy large areas but operate poorly and separately by the farms like “land give-benefit back” model.

- In industry and construction, the medium and small-sized enterprises only focus on short-term goals. Even some large State-owned enterprises playing an important role in orienting economic development, also tend to pursue only benefit but not to ensure harmonization between economic development goals and environment and natural resources conservation.

From the reasons mentioned above, to prevent and minimize drought and floods, several solutions can be considered as the following:

1. At the central level: Innovate planning mechanism in accordance with market-oriented economy.

The fact that Vietnam’s planning system is not only complicated but also shortage of synchronization between 3 types of planning, socio-economic development, land use and construction. Vietnam is documenting the Law of planning. Accordingly, all types of planning for one territory should be integrated into one unique form, for example, regional planning used popularly in many other countries. Then, the main content of planning should focus on documenting solutions and applying economic and legal tools into its implementation process.

2. At provincial, sectorial levels: Review development plans, planning and strategies to restructure the economy, switch from the development model to green growth model; ensure closed cooperation and integration of effective and saving utilization of natural resources and environment protection into economic growth and social development.

The economic restructure requires provinces and sectors to review carefully their development planning and strategies, to regulate economic structure with its large-scaled, to prioritize technology innovation and improve economic mechanism. The economic restructure not only involves rejecting programs/projects with its more negative effects than benefit or disadvantage in general view, but also create more opportunities for projects/programs that orienting green growth.

3. Implement strictly and carefully the Strategic environment assessment (SEA) and Social impact assessment (SIA) applying for provincial and regional socio-economic development master plans and strategies; and the Environment impact assessment (EIA) applying for economic projects/programs.

The requirement of implementation of SEA and EIA has been promulgated in the Environmental Protection Law 2005 (chapter 3). This requirement aims to predict possibly negative impacts on environment; to propose solutions to solve environment problems in implementing strategies, planning, and projects/programs.

4. Based on reviewing strategies, planning, plans, and predictions of social, economic and environmental impacts, it is necessary to document regulations, mechanisms and solutions for organizing and cooperating between projects/programs’ stakeholders in order to ensure the sustainable development of provinces and regions, including prevention and mitigation of natural disasters such as drought, floods in the Central Highlands.

Le Mai/ Source: Monre

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