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The CoP21: we must, we can, we will etc and we did

(11:03:28 AM 14/12/2015)
( - The most expecting global deal has been agreed so that I am fully happy as neither way of an Earth’s living thing or particularly one of 90 million Vietnamese citizen, where is known as one of the most climate-vulnerable countries in the world.

The deal is about the 2015 UN climate conference (so called CoP21), which took place in Paris, France for almost two weeks + one night added time – from 30 November to 12 December. It is the most “ambitious, balanced, historic“ global deal for ever as announced  by French foreign minister and president of the talks Laurent Fabius at the added time of the two week talk. 


 The CoP21: we must, we can, we will etc and we did
  Photo of Pavlos Georgiadis/ARC.

The biggest global convergence ever had

The talk was globally woken up the world a month before by the terrorist attacks of 13 November, which 130 people were murdered in the worst attacks on French soil since World War II.

Remarkably, coming to the beginning of the talk, there are high political representatives of nearly 200 governments, such as: the President of the US Barack Obama, the UN General Seratery Ban Ki-moon, Chinese President Xi Jinping etc.

More than that, it is estimated that there are  close to 50,000 participants including 25,000 official delegates from governments, intergovernmental organisations, UN agencies, NGOs and civil society. This is almost contrasting to, even the most recent CoP, the COP20 held in Lima when it attracted just around 15,000 official delegates, and negotiators.

The talk had been in global highlights including: world's richest 10% produce half of global carbon emissions, but poorest half of world’s people contribute to just 10% of emissions; scientist’s blames to developed nations on their historical emissions, such as: for that the US is responsible for 25%, and the EU about 25%, China only 10%.

The talk was starting with various worries. It was commonly agreed that failure of the talk will mean irreversible global warming and “kissing goodbye” to sustainable development goals.

"It must be a success…there is no Plan B, because there is no Planet B…Paris must be a turning point."- said by the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.

For those whose countries are most vulnerable of climate change, there is a quote: “put simply, I refuse to go home from Paris without being able to look my grandchildren in the eye and say I have a good deal for you” - said by the foreign minister of the tiny Marshall Islands, Tony de Brum.

And many more!

The most ambitious – balanced – historic global deal agreed

At 7.28 pm on Saturday evening (1.28 Sunday morning Hanoi time), the deal finally agreed. This is a turning point in history, paving the way for the shift to 100% clean energy that the world wants and the planet needs.

The ambition even more than what was expecting when there is an aim of keeping temperatures below 1.5oC, a much tougher ambition than the 2oC that nearly 200 governments agreed for the first time six years ago at the CoP15 in Copenhagen.

Interestingly, $65 billion has been already committed of the track to beating the $100 billion climate fund target that the Copenhagen Conference set for rich countries by 2020 in helping poor countries to build resilience against the impacts of global warming.

To the “added time” of the talk, 185 countries submitted pledges ahead of Paris, which covers 94% global emissions and 97% global populations, the remaining 11 countries have been asked to summit theirs before next year’s climate talk in Marrakesh, Maroc.

However, there are some disappointments indeed! No clear time scale set of when fossil fuels must be phased out in the second half of the century. The previous draft said parties would work “towards reaching greenhouse gas emissions neutrality in the second half of the century”. This one doesn’t.

Contributing to the success, there are various effort had been made by nations and individuals!

At the beginning of the talk, in a side event, India’s prime minister has launched an international solar alliance of over 120 countries (CoP21). Noticeably, India’s pledge to the Paris summit offered to draw 40% of its electricity from renewable by 2030 - Dubai aims to generate 25% of its energy from clean sources by 2030, rising to 75% by 2050. The country is projected to be the world’s most populous by then, with 1.45 billion people.

Also in the first day of the talk, world business leaders including Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg launched a new global clean energy research project; while the founders of Microsoft, The Virgin Group and Facebook announced the Breakthrough Energy Coalition and the initiative includes 28 investors from more than 10 countries.

Among 43 states (mainly of the rich world), Vietnam has pledged $1 million contribution to the Green Climate Fund at the Paris CoP21 talks, further broadening the base of support to the Fund. Whether there is any idea that a “need for help country” like Vietnam (with the burden of public debt has already exceeded the safety limit of 65 percent of gross domestic product - GDP) should join the Green Climate Fun, but the contribution is a such of “the poorest countries are putting the richest to shame” as some says during the CoP21 talk.

The Vietnam commitment is coherent with what has been done for decades by the Himalayan kingdom - Bhutan - whom forests absorb three times more CO2 emissions than its population create, helping to make it the world’s most ‘carbon negative’ country.

Obviously, after having been expected for 20 years, with 20 times of such type of high profile climate change talks have failed; the reached deal - as a “big end” - has shown its’ ambitions, balances, and histories.

Do Thi Ngan: Expert of the Vietnam Financial Ministry

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