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January 19, 2022, 3:08 pm

Vietnam’s Primates are on the Edge of Extinction Tin ảnh

(16:05:32 PM 29/11/2015)
( - The world's primate experts have revealed the 25 most endangered primates globally. This list includes three of Vietnam's species.

Primatological experts have gathered in Singapore over the last week to assess the status of all Asian primates and launch the Top 25 Most Endangered Primates. Experts from around the world assessed the threat of extinction for 182 kinds of primates in South China, South and Southeast Asia, including 25 species that occur in Vietnam.


Vietnam’s Primates are on the Edge of Extinction

The findings for Vietnam were particularly dire. Eleven species that occur in Vietnam were listed as Critically Endangered, up from seven species in the 2008 list. Several of the species occur only in Vietnam, putting the country in the spotlight for both its diversity of primates as well as the enormous threats that they face, primarily from hunting and habitat loss. All but one species is listed as globally threatened.

The 11 species from Vietnam now on the edge of extinction include:

1.    Cat Ba langur (Trachypithecuspoliocephalus) – <70 individuals

2.    Delacour’slangur (Trachypithecusdelacouri) –<200 individuals

3.    Tonkin snub-nosed monkey (Rhinopithecusavunculus) –<200 individuals

4.    Grey-shanked douc (Pygathrixcinerea) –<1,500 individuals

5.    Red-shanked douc (Pygathrixnemaeus) – population unknown

6.    Black-shanked douc (Pygathrixnigripes) – population unknown

7.    Cao vit gibbon (Nomascusnasutus) – ~130 individuals

8.    Western black crested gibbon (Nomascusconcolor) <60individuals in Vietnam

9.    Northern white-cheeked gibbon (Nomascusleucogenys) < 300 groups in Vietnam

10.    Southern white-cheeked gibbon (Nomascussiki) – population unknown

11.    Con Dao macaque (Macacafasciculariscondorensis) –<2,000 individuals


Vietnam’s Primates are on the Edge of Extinction

Fauna & Flora International (FFI)-Vietnam Programme are currently working on the conservation of five of these species: Cat Ba langur, Tonkin sub-nosed monkey, Cao Vit gibbon, grey-shanked douc, western black crested gibbon, however it is clear that additional work is needed.

“These updated assessments continue to highlight the importance of Vietnam as a center of primate importance globally,” says Dr. Ben Rawson, FFI-Vietnam Programme Country Director and IUCN SSC Co-Vice Chair for SSE Asia Region. “They also highlight that Vietnam is at risk of being the first country to lose a primate species to extinction.” To date no primate extinctions have yet been recorded in the 20th or 21st Century.

Dr. Le KhacQuyet, leading Vietnamese primatologist, commented, “We need more actions to conserve Vietnam's endangered  primates and their habitats by improving population protection, afforestation, law enforcement and conservation biological studies as well as involvement of local people in wildlife conservation”

Three of these Vietnamese species also occur on the newly released emergency action list; The World’s Top 25 Most Endangered Primates list: 2014-2016.

Dr. Russell Mittermeier, Chair of the IUCN SSC Primate Specialist Group and Executive Vice Chair of Conservation International, said: “The purpose of our Top 25 list is to highlight those primates most at risk, to attract the attention of the public, to stimulate national governments to do more, and especially to find the resources to implement desperately needed conservation measures. In particular, we want to encourage governments to commit to desperately needed biodiversity conservation measures.”

Vietnam’s Primates are on the Edge of Extinction

Top 25 Most Endangered Primates List (Vietnamese species in bold italics)

1.    Cat Ba langur (golden-headed langur) - 60

2.    Delacour’slangur - 234-275

3.    Tonkin snub-nosed monkey - less than 250

4.    Lavasoa dwarf lemur - unknown

5.    Lac Alaotra bamboo lemur - about 2,500-5,000

6.    Red ruffed lemur - unknown

7.    Northern sportive lemur - around 50

8.    Perrier’s sifaka - 1,700-2,600

9.    Rondo dwarf galago - unknown but remaining habitat is just 40 square miles

10.    Roloway monkey - unknown but thought to be on the very verge of extinction

11.    Preuss’s red colobus monkey - unknown

12.    Tana River red colobus monkey - 1,000 and declining

13.    Eastern lowland gorilla - 2,000-10,000

14.    Philippine tarsier - unknown

15.    Javan slow loris - unknown

16.    Pig-tailed langur - 3,300

17.    Kashmir grey langur - unknown

18.    Western purple-faced langur - unknown

19.    Hainan gibbon - 25

20.    Sumatran orangutan - 6,600

21.    Ka’apor capuchin - unknown

22.    San Martin titi monkey - unknown

23.    Northern brown howler monkey - less than 250 mature animals

24.    Colombian brown spider monkey - unknown

25.    Ecuadorian brown-headed spider monkey – unknown.


Vietnam’s Primates are on the Edge of Extinction


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